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Nobody wants to see horses beaten up, but I can assure you a smack on the bottom of half a ton of horseflesh in the heat of a race with a felt-covered stick is in no way going to cause discomfort.
Once in the Windsor greys from the Royal Mews were told to "walk on", and an estimated six tons of Queen, horseflesh and carriage swayed from the Palace Quadrangle out into the Mall.
As Buick, who is reportedly a fine judge of horseflesh, said: aACAyhe's a horse that's improving all the time and one who is really coming to himself now.
LIVERPOOL now has two horseflesh butchers' shops - one in Paddington and the other in the South End, and the promoters claim that they have come to stay.
In fact, they have improved it with owners of top quality horses now more prepared to risk their beloved horseflesh than they were in the past.
JP MCMANUS is never at the back of the queue when shelling out for prime horseflesh.
THE key question in our current horseflesh folderol is generally perceived to be one of trust.
Horseflesh is an essential part of fine dining in many countries on the Continent
Henry Ford pitched his Model T cars as an inexpensive way for low-income city dwellers and rural folks to become automobile owners, while his Fordson tractors were meant to substitute mechanical power for horseflesh on American farms.
Novice rider and Web Editor Jenn Nemec mostly admires horseflesh from the ground.
Along with his wife, Fitri, the Hays have invested heavily in horseflesh and through his association with the pair, former champion jockey Spencer is enjoying a stellar season.
Earlier, the finest of Mexican horseflesh was not kept on the East Coast.