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see equestrianismequestrianism,
art of riding and handling a horse. Horseback riding was practiced as far back as the Bronze Age and was thereafter adapted to commerce, industry, war, sport, and recreation.
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It is not possible that you should think horsemanship wrong.
I don't like to appear conceited, but I may as well admit that I am proud of my strength and the science that I have acquired and developed in the directing of it--that and my horsemanship I always have been proud of.
The little boy's education went on--French, swordsmanship and hatred of the English--the same thing year after year with the addition of horsemanship after he was ten years old.
Twenty-six years of age, a worker working without purpose, steady as a girl, monotonous and apathetic, holding cafes, cigars, and horsemanship in detestation, going to bed regularly at ten o'clock and rising at seven, gifted with some social talents, such as playing quadrille music on the flute, which first brought him into favor with the Saillards and the Baudoyers.
Yet with consummate horsemanship they both swung round in a long curvet, and then plucking out their swords they lashed at each other like two lusty smiths hammering upon an anvil.
Their chief pride consists in having everything made of silver; I have seen a cacique with his spurs, stirrups, handle of his knife, and bridle made of this metal: the head-stall and reins being of wire, were not thicker than whipcord; and to see a fiery steed wheeling about under the command of so light a chain, gave to the horsemanship a remarkable character of elegance.
Nor does the art of horsemanship consider the interests of the art of horsemanship, but the interests of the horse; neither do any other arts care for themselves, for they have no needs; they care only for that which is the subject of their art?
It was Benjy, too, who saddled Tom's first pony, and instructed him in the mysteries of horsemanship, teaching him to throw his weight back and keep his hand low, and who stood chuckling outside the door of the girls' school when Tom rode his little Shetland into the cottage and round the table, where the old dame and her pupils were seated at their work.
Lute looked on, astounded at the unprecedented conduct of her mare, and admiring her lover's horsemanship.
You also see Nina Carberry's incredible horsemanship, trying to wrestle Quantitativeeasing away from the rails and stay in the saddle as she gets bumped by horse and rider.
I was introduced to a horse called Awesome, and I wasn't so awesome on Awesome" Actor Michael Fassbender admitting that his horsemanship skills for a film role left something to be desired "Too much has gone on.
Parelli UK, which trains people in natural horsemanship, has relocated to a new unit at the park to support its new business focus.