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bee balm

A bizarre-looking, wonderful smelling red or lavender flower that looks kind of like a red sunflower with wilting petals. Flowers look this way because it’s in the mint family. Entire plant is edible and Tastes range from citrus-like to mint or oregano. Sometimes used as flavoring in foods. You can use bee balm flowers any place you use oregano. Both leaves and flowers are edible. Red flowers have minty flavor. Aromatic, delicious leaf tea (which tastes like Earl Grey), is used to expel worms, relieve gas, stomach ache, colic, measles, insomnia, heart problems, colds, spasms. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, stimulant, anesthetic, gastric problems, insomnia, sore throat, menstrual pain. Main use has been to expel worms.
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English Horsemint has carminative (reduces gas and bowel pains) and stimulant effects.
English Horsemint has been used for digestive disorders and arthritic pains.
North American natives one and all, the horsemints (Monarda species) rank high on my list of multipurpose perennials.