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a category of knitwear including knitted socks, full-length stockings, panty hose, footgloves, and other articles. The range of hosiery may be classified by consumer type (women’s, men’s, children’s, athletic), material (plain polyamide, elastic, cotton, wool, mixed), and knit structure (plain, stretch, reversible, knitted plush, ravel-resistant), as well as by the manner of manufacture, the trim, and other factors.

Hosiery is usually made on hosiery machines. In order to increase the durability of items made of cotton or wool yarns, the heel and toe are reinforced with another yarn, usually of polyamide. The upper edge of socks and half-length stockings is usually knitted with an additional elastic or spandex-type yarn, which makes the cuff resilient and able to stretch. A tucked knit is used in knitting articles made from plain polyamide yarn in order to reduce raveling. Panty hose are usually made by sewing together two long stockings; a gusset is sewn in to increase the dimensions in the torso, and an elastic waistband is attached. Panty hose made from elastic yarn may also be manufactured without sewing.

Hosiery sizes are measured by the length of the foot in centimeters; there are two subsizes for the length of the sock or stocking.


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