hospital stop

terminated stop, hospital stop, sanitary stop

A stop, 1 that terminates above the floor line and is closed with a 45° or 90° angle.
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The Future of Coding is NOW: Maximizing Coding Efficiency and Accuracy Using Big Data and Analytics Tuesday, March 5th 11:00am - 11:30am Manjula Iyer, Director of Product Management, Atigeo In this session, you will learn how recent breakthroughs in intelligent analytics applied to large scale clinical data sets can help your hospital stop revenue leakage, maximize coding efficiency and minimize ICD-10 conversion headaches today.
Would you march up to the director's office and demand the hospital stop practicing medicine that was centuries out of date?
When the old vets over at Building99 at Sepulveda VA -- the last hospital stop for many old World War II and Korean War veterans -- get lonely and have no one to talk to, it's the Ladies Auxiliary at the post who show up every week to talk to them and care for their needs.
A No 8 was waiting at Heath Hospital stop when our photographer dropped me off, and after a few quick stretching exercises I set off towards Caerphilly Road.
Through them and widespread internal publicity, all employees are being asked for ideas - and hundreds have come back for consideration, including one that suggested the Hospital stop buying 11 ounce cans of shaving cream for patient use and instead buy 1.
bar] ALLEGED ABUSE: A man heading for a hospital stop identified for the disturbing incident on a bus in Balme Road
It will run between Yarm and Middlesbrough, with the hospital stop scrapped.
For the return journey, would-be passengers had to walk almost to the Woodlands Hospital stop, many carrying heavy shopping bags for that considerable distance.
My mother became ill and we had to make an emergency hospital stop.
MAY 16, 1996: Time runs out and doctors at Law Hospital stop feeding the 53- year-old gran.
Meanwhile, a city council transportation strategy spokesman confirmed Travel West Midlands had consulted with the city council about the removal of the Children's Hospital stop.
Mr Johnston won the right to have the hospital stop feeding his wife after winning the support of doctors.

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