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Seaton insisted she didn't remember what she said to police, and the two engaged in a bristly back-and-forth as Morgan pushed for better answers until Rooke-Ley halted the exchange and declared Seaton a hostile witness.
Pondering (Simon Dow) beats Hostile Witness (Richard Hannon/John Reid) in the mile claimer, and Little Saboteur (Peter Makin) outruns Mister Jolson (Ron Hodges/Willie Carson) in the handicap sprint.
When a hostile witness is answering a question and you do not believe a word he or she is saying, do not snicker and look away.
In the most recent instance, Weber initially refused to cooperate with the carrier attorney defending Oakland against the lawsuit by Shaw, saying she would be a hostile witness since she'd opposed the firing.
She was also in the films Hostile Witness and A Town Like Alice.
I say matter-of-factly, `You're right, but you don't want me to put you down as a hostile witness.
Obviously, Dusseldorp was a hostile witness, and the details of his description of Bergerus's exorcisms cannot be confirmed.
The prosecution then treated her as a hostile witness, and when Garda Colette Conlon started to read her statement, six-months-pregnant Ms Burns said she felt sick and asked to leave the court.
That's absolutely false,'' Simpson said calmly, a phrase he has repeated since he began testifying under oath last week as what's technically called a hostile witness.
In a memo leaked to The Scurra, members of the pro-hunting pressure group are warned: "Everything you do must be tested against the question, 'Could a hostile witness make damaging use of this if it were caught on
When he was called as a prosecution witness at the criminal trial, Kaelin was declared a hostile witness.
Addressing the jury after they returned to the courtroom following a legal application, Judge Carney told them Campbell was to be treated as a hostile witness.