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He said that Hot Spot just creates confusion, adding that sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't, making no one really trust it.
The researchers screened nearly 2,000 compounds from a library of small organic molecules, identifying 85 that had a high affinity for the hot spot.
As the plate has moved, new, thicker crust has slid over the hot spot, making it harder for magma to punch through.
LAOS] has a hot spot that is identical to R391, we show evidence for a possible independent emerging of SX[T.
The continent-wide reach of DIRECWAY Wi-Fi Access means that retailers can offer consistent, reliable Hot Spot service to any or all franchisee, or company-owned locations.
It quickly became evident that the hot spots often resulted from very large amounts of random I/O.
to make corners more moldable by eliminating hot spots.
Latin America and the Caribbean are home to seven of the 25 hot spots, including parts of Mexico and Central America, the Andes mountain range and Brazil.
This secluded hot spot was adjacent to the bridge and park.
If the link between hot spots and the ULVZ holds, it offers insight into aspects of Earth's evolution.
In addition, there are smaller hot spots that speckle the sun "like German measles," says codiscoverer Andrea K.