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(1) The range of a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. See Wi-Fi hotspot.

(2) An icon or part of a larger image used as a link to another document or file. When the hotspot is clicked, the linked material is searched for and displayed. See hypergraphic and image map.

(3) The exact part of an icon or screen pointer that is sensitive to selection. A hotspot may be part of a larger image. For example, an image may have several hotspots, one for each of its components. When clicked, a greater explanation of the component is produced. Where hotspots begin and end determine how easy they are to select.

The screen pointer also has a hotspot, which is a small number of pixels that make contact with the icon's hotspot. For example, the tip of an arrow or finger pointer or the crosspoint of an X-shaped pointer may be the pointer's hotspot.

(4) A network node that is processing at its maximum or is backlogged due to an excessive number of transactions.

(5) The instructions in a program that are executed the most in actual operation. To improve execution performance, the hotspots are the routines that should be refined.

(6) (HotSpot) A Java compiler from Sun that optimizes the parts of the program that are executed most frequently (the hotspots).

(7) (hot spot) An area with excessive heat in the datacenter. Hot spots are typically found near server racks that are not cooled properly. Contrast with "cold spot," which is an area that is too cool, often due to being located close to air conditioning vents.
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