house connection

building sewer

That part of the horizontal piping of a drainage system which extends beyond the ends of the building drain and receives the discharge of the building drain and conveys it to a public sewer, private sewer, individual sewage disposal system, or other point of disposal.
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We know there is a strong White House connection to the oil industry, Halliburton, etc.
A White House connection enabled his passport problem to be resolved.
JACK Higgins' latest book, The White House Connection, is available in Penguin paperback, priced pounds 5.
McGinty's White House connection was then-Senator Al Gore, for whom she served as senior legislative assistant for energy and environmental policy.
By recruiting Bennett Clark, Corcoran gainedboth a White House connection and a potential debt of gratitude from an important federal judge.
30lakh litre capacity with 20M Staging RCC Elevated Service reservior, staff quarters, Compound wall supplying and laying raw and clear water rising main and Distribution network house connection supplying and instllation of VT and cetrifigal pump motor, power transformer and tow year operation and maintenance with allied work.
If you see damage to the house connection, to the pipe that carries wires down the wall to the meter or damage to the metal box that surrounds the meter, you may want to call an electrician.
25 Lakh Litre capacity with 21 M Staging RCC Elevated Service Reservoir, Staff Quarter, Compound wall, Supplying and laying Raw and Clear Water rising main and Distribution Network, House connection, Supplying and Installation of VT and Centrifugal pump motor, Power transformer and two years operation & maintenance with allied works etc.
The new design, by opening up Lafayette Park, would enhance the White House connection to the rest of downtown Washington, said Susan Spain, the National Park Service's Pennsylvania Avenue Design Team leader.
5 km House connection route is distributed to approximately 75 service connections).
Tenders are invited for Supplying all materials & labour, T&P for construction of Pump house, Boundary wall, Laying of PVC pipe line,construction of valve chamber, individual house connection, RCC OHR of required capacity with 12mtr staging including completion, testing & commissioning of the RPWS Schemes to following villages of different Blocks in Sundargarh district.
Private house connection for schedule caste households, providing of specials with fixing of water tank and all other works contingent thereto by using g.