house connection

building sewer

That part of the horizontal piping of a drainage system which extends beyond the ends of the building drain and receives the discharge of the building drain and conveys it to a public sewer, private sewer, individual sewage disposal system, or other point of disposal.
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We know there is a strong White House connection to the oil industry, Halliburton, etc.
JACK Higgins' latest book, The White House Connection, is available in Penguin paperback, priced pounds 5.
Extent of the work: - about 950 meters of district heating distribution pipe, - approximately 210 meter long house connection cables for district heating in about 15 house connections and 30 providences, Starting from the distribution line to be built.
The new design, by opening up Lafayette Park, would enhance the White House connection to the rest of downtown Washington, said Susan Spain, the National Park Service's Pennsylvania Avenue Design Team leader.
Extent of the work: - about 2,300 meter long district heating distribution line - approximately 560 meter long house connection cables for district heating in about 35 house connections starting from the distribution line to be built - about 68 additional house connections with about 710 route meters house connection lines in the existing district heating network of the ismaning municipal area.
Tenders are invited for Laying Of Pvc Pipe Line Const Of Valve Chamber Stand Alone Individual House Connection Compound Wall Pump House Internal Electrification Rpws To Village Samibrukshya Of Kolialam Gp In Kaptipada Block Under Ggy 2016 17
The current house connection of the building will not be enough after the renovation.
pipe of sewer collecting system, Stoneware pipe for house connection chamber, Construction of house connection chamber, sewer cleaning equipment and all other ancillary works including Testing and commissioning of all works along with post completion O&M for 2 years for Zones 8 & 9 of Junagadh Town, Junagadh Town Under Ground Drainage Project (Part 1).
The scope of services of the present trade union covers the production and erection of all electrotechnical supply systems, such as house connection, metering devices, main and sub-distributors, lighting systems, cable systems with the associated laying systems, security devices, network equipment and equipment , The house connection is 315 A.