house curtain

act curtain, act drop, front curtain, house curtain

A curtain, behind the asbestos curtain in a theater, which closes the proscenium and serves as an indication of the beginning or end of an act or scene.
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The ballet world grew dimmer on July 7 when the Metropolitan Opera House curtain descended over the brilliant performing career of Ethan Stiefel.
The performance opened, or rather began without opening, as a battering ram beat the stage side of the house curtain.
A splendid evening then, the only downer being the temperamental front of house curtain, which embarrassingly needed two professional opera singers to prop it open in order that the company could take their bows
Some nights they would need five or six men to hang on to the heavy opera house curtain during intermission so that they could change the scenery.
CREATE spooky, haunted house curtains instantly with lengths of organza fabric hung in panels.
The LED lighting that moves in the Soft House curtains creates a Visual Breeze -- an ambient interior luminous expression of the external environment -- one of many programmable modes for real time monitoring and visualization of outside wind and climate conditions.
In the winter, I'll put up some old chicken house curtains I salvaged from a local egg operation.

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