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the unwaged labour involved in maintaining the household and its members, such as cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. In most modern societies, this work is privatized and feminized. Housework is concerned with the physical rather than the emotional tasks of caring for family members. Women, assumed to be ‘natural’ CARE givers, typically undertake both roles. see DOMESTIC LABOUR.

What does it mean when you dream about housework?

Dreaming about housework can simply be a reflection of our everyday tasks. Otherwise, it can refer to “getting our house together,” or cleaning out the things that no longer serve us.

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He said the step is aimed at opening new labor markets and diversifying, adding that salaries will be determined by the countries from which houseworkers are recruited in coordination with the Ministry of Labor.
In recent operationalizations of the Marxian version of class structure, however, little attention is paid to houseworkers and/or those who are outside the paid labour force.
In the 1970s, the oil-rich Gulf was an attractive place for lower middle-class and working-class Indians who went for short periods to work as engineers, mechanics, manual laborers, houseworkers, and nurses.
It was during this period that we witness the first significant shift toward wives becoming isolated unpaid houseworkers, as opposed to being farm workers who made a "valid" contribution to the household economy.
50Years Ago Despite the drift away from domestic work in the last 50 years, it still remains one of the largest of women's occupations, the National Institute of Houseworkers states in its report for the year ending March 31, published today.