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the unwaged labour involved in maintaining the household and its members, such as cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. In most modern societies, this work is privatized and feminized. Housework is concerned with the physical rather than the emotional tasks of caring for family members. Women, assumed to be ‘natural’ CARE givers, typically undertake both roles. see DOMESTIC LABOUR.

What does it mean when you dream about housework?

Dreaming about housework can simply be a reflection of our everyday tasks. Otherwise, it can refer to “getting our house together,” or cleaning out the things that no longer serve us.

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23 February 2018 - Washington, US-based engineering firm RAB Ventures, LLC has acquired a majority interest in Boston, US-based home care company HouseWorks to accelerate expansion in the home care industry, the company said.
As part of the transaction, RAB Ventures will provide HouseWorks with additional capital to accelerate its growth while staying true to its mission of transforming the way care is delivered to seniors at home.
To date, this line of Amco Houseworks branding and packaging designed by TFI Envision has received awards for design excellence by the American Package Design Awards, Advertising Club of Westchester Big W Awards and the American Graphic Design & Advertising 27 Awards.
Earlier this year, Focus added OrangeX to its Amco Houseworks division.
HouseWorks is one of three key sponsors, along with Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, a multi-specialty physician group in Eastern Massachusetts, and 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Union, to partner with the MIT Workplace Center and the Alfred P.
A guide this comprehensive has not been available to consumers in the past and HouseWorks is honored to help distribute a guide that will provide information on elder care options to caregivers in Massachusetts.
Amco Houseworks creates quality, innovative, stylishly designed, ergonomic kitchen tools, storage items, gadgets and accessories that help people enhance the quality of their cooking and entertaining.
To date, TFI Envision's creative work for Amco Houseworks has been recognized by The Advertising Club of Westchester with a Bronze Award for Corporate Identity at their 2010 "Big W" Awards, and featured in Crescent Hill Books "The Big Book of Packaging.
Amco Houseworks has acquired Utensils of Mexico, a San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Utensils of Mexico will be merged into Amco Houseworks, although initially the Utensils of Mexico name will remain on products, said Lacey Devereaux, vice president of Amco.
HouseWorks encourages home ownership in urban and rural areas by assisting the buyer with funds to purchase and rehabilitate a property.
Under the HouseWorks program, eligible borrowers may obtain up to 95 percent financing for single- and two-family homes, and up to 90 percent for three-family homes.