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Hugs Dancer, regarded as a dour stayer, was expected to find the race too sharp as he had never been successful over a journey less than 12 furlongs.
Conceived by parents Dorsa and Joey Parsi as a new kind of children's restaurant -- where play time, healthy food and happy parents converge -- Giggles N' Hugs opened their first location in Brentwood in February 2008.
But the wives are not afraid of you anymore, and the women, including those wives, come for some of your hugs, too, that's how you get your daily fix.
In the last century, the full frontal hug morphed into a warm embrace.
I hug the same way that people drink water - when I'm thirsty nothing quenches my thirst like a hug
I encourage everyone else to get out there and give free hugs.
And when the hour is up and the girls get ready to leave, Jonah gives them a big hug and kiss and thanks them for coming.
Tell the Hug Operator who's to get your Valentine's Hug
The "Free Hugs Campaign" is a movement that aims to brighten up people's lives by offering hugs to strangers.
Lynda said: "WeW gavea out literally hundreds of hugs.
Breast cancer survivor and model Patty Betita said hugs from her son Emilio strengthened her will to go through treatments.
That's why I'm supporting this campaign from Bold 2in1, where we are touring the country to find out what children think about hugs.