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see anthropologyanthropology,
classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations has been the distinctive concept of culture.
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; human evolutionhuman evolution,
theory of the origins of the human species, Homo sapiens. Modern understanding of human origins is derived largely from the findings of paleontology, anthropology, and genetics, and involves the process of natural selection (see Darwinism).
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; racerace,
one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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The program offers prevention strategies for those in contact with potentially infected wild and domestic animals as well as possible human carriers.
In an undercover investigation in Britain, the BBC had exposed a Londonbased criminal network that used fake passports, identity documents and human carriers to bring in illegal migrants, mostly from Punjab, into Britain.
But he's best remembered as the Welsh-language zealotwholikened us Kairdiffians to human carriers of foot and mouth disease if we dared move into Welsh-speaking areas, thus polluting those pastures.

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