humulus lupulus

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Yes, this is what they use to make beer., except we’re going to use it to get healthy here. A prickly vine with scaly, green, downward pointing fruit and 3-5 lobed leaves. The strange looking fruit is the part you want. Tea made from it is used as a calming sedative to soothe tension, nerves, restlessness, sleep problems, anxiety, cramps, spasms, coughs, inflammation, boils, rheumatism. Calming effect similar to valerian. Some people fill pillows with hops to sleep better. Licorice root and hops flowers have often been used throughout history to treat hormone imbalances and just about every female problem known, giving women a sense of well being and control. Be careful when handling plant as resin and fine hairs can irritate skin.
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5) Humulus lupulus Go for the Hop, a twining climber, or the golden-leafed "Aurea", which will also perform quite well as long as the shade isn't too intense or the site windy.
The woody vines occurring here include Humulus lupulus var.
The most commonly-encountered shrubs and woody vines are Humulus lupulus, Parthenoeissus quinquefolia, Rosa setigera, Smilax spp.
Humulus lupulus (hops) has traditional and modern use in phytotherapy to promote sleep or to reduce stress and tension.
The plant derived antimicrobial activity under consideration here is that of a group of hop constituents obtained from the plant Humulus lupulus.
virginicus, Galium triflorum, Helenium autumnale, Heliopsis helianthoides, Humulus lupulus, Impatiens capensis, I.
2] extracts from Humulus lupulus for sedating activity.
Hops, the resinous inflorescences of the twining vine Humulus lupulus L.
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