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hunger strike,

refusal to eat as a protest against existing conditions. Although most often used by prisoners, others have also employed it. For example, Mohandas GandhiGandhi, Mohandas Karamchand
, 1869–1948, Indian political and spiritual leader, b. Porbandar. In South Africa

Educated in India and in London, he was admitted to the English bar in 1889 and practiced law unsuccessfully in India for two years.
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 in India and Cesar ChavezChavez, Cesar Estrada
, 1927–93, American agrarian labor leader, b. near Yuma, Ariz. A migrant worker, he became involved (1952) in the self-help Community Service Organization (CSO) in California, working among Mexicans and Mexican Americans; from 1958 to 1962 he was its
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 in California fasted as religious penance during otherwise political or economic disputes. An ancient device, the hunger strike was revived in England in the early 20th cent. by militant woman suffragists and became the accepted technique of those sentenced for suffragist activities. The passage of the so-called Cat-and-Mouse Act in 1913, by which the prisoners in ill health due to fasting could be temporarily discharged, ended the forced feeding to which the authorities had resorted. The Franchise Act of 1918 ended the suffragist hunger strikes in England. The hunger strike was used by Irish nationalists in 1912 and again later on. Hunger strikes were used by members of Sinn FéinSinn Féin
[Irish,=we, ourselves], Irish nationalist movement. It had its roots in the Irish cultural revival at the end of the 19th cent. and the growing nationalist disenchantment with the constitutional Home Rule movement.
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 in 1920, and Terence MacSwiney, lord mayor of Cork, died in a London prison after a fast of 74 days. Thereafter, hunger striking was forbidden by the Sinn Féin. It was used again in the 1970s and 1980s by imprisoned members of the Irish Republican ArmyIrish Republican Army
(IRA), nationalist organization devoted to the integration of Ireland as a complete and independent unit. Organized by Michael Collins from remnants of rebel units dispersed after the Easter Rebellion in 1916 (see Ireland), it was composed of the more
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. Hunger striking was used between 1917 and 1919 by American woman suffragists and also by conscientious objectors imprisoned in the United States. During the Vietnam War, the Roman Catholic priests Daniel and Philip BerriganBerrigan brothers
, American Catholic priests, writers, and social activists. Daniel Berrigan, 1921–2016, b. Syracuse, N.Y., was ordained in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1952.
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 used the hunger strike in 1969 at Danbury Prison, Conn., where they had been imprisoned for destroying draft records. In 1970 inmates in California's Soledad Prison used it on a massive scale to protest prison conditions. and in 2000–2001 several hundred leftist inmates in Turkish prisons and others in Turkey used "death fasts" to protest prison conditions. Alleged TalibanTaliban
or Taleban
, Islamic fundamentalist militia of Afghanistan and later Pakistan, originally consisting mainly of Sunni Pashtun religious students from Afghanistan who were educated and trained in Pakistan.
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 and Al QaedaAl Qaeda
or Al Qaida
[Arab.,=the base], Sunni Islamic terrorist organization with the stated goals of uniting all Muslims and establishing a transnational, strict-fundamentalist Islamic state.
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 members held at Guantánamo Bay by the United States since 2002 have also used hunger strikes to protest their imprisonment there.
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Al-Ayyam and al-Hayat al-Jadida reported the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warning hunger strikers have entered a ae1/4oecritical phaseae1/4Ci.
In the Southern occupied West Bank, the municipality of Hebron sent letters to its 20 sister cities around the world detailing the difficult circumstances in which Palestinian prisoners were detained in Israeli custody, as well as the suppressive measures used against the hunger strikers by Israeli prison authorities.
The post Minister urged to keep promise to hunger strikers appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
Also among the hunger strikers are Heledd Melangell of Nant Peris, Ffraid Gwenllian and Osian Jones of Caernarfon, Geraint Huw Parri and Angharad Tomos of Penygroes, Robin Farrar of Machynlleth, Aled Powell of Wrexham, Dilwyn Roberts Young of Aberystwyth and Toni Schiavone of Pandy Tudur.
The leaders of Railway Unions Federation also visited the camp and vowed to jam the wheel of trains if Punjab government tried to misbehave the hunger strikers.
The World Medical Association, a confederation of international physicians' organizations, recommends that physicians ascertain that the hunger striker does not have a mental health issue that undermines their ability to make decisions, and that their decision to fast or refuse treatment is not coerced.
Abbas spoke as two of the hunger strikers, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla, entered their 76th day without eating, and after international rights groups and governments said they were concerned that prisoners could die if they continued to refuse food, according to AFP.
Four hunger strikers had died, and before his death their leader, 27-year-old Bobby Sands, had secured a propaganda coup, winning an election as an MP after standing in the Fermanagh and South Tyrone by-election.
On August 28, three hunger strikers were arrested by the state police on charges of attempting to commit suicide, after they refused medical aid.
All 9 hunger strikers led by Topchubek Turgunaliev, chair of the committee for protection of political prisoners, demand to release Greens Party leader Erkin Bulekbaev, opposition members S.
The hunger strikers included Muhammad Khan, Hameed Channa, Ali Gohar and others while talking to media men said that Sindh give maximum revenue and the revenue being spent on other provinces.
THE Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, yesterday urged hunger strikers demonstrating about the plight of Iranian refugees in a camp in Iraq to end their protest.