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1. a specially bred horse used in hunting, usually characterized by strength and stamina
2. a specially bred dog used to hunt game



a saddle horse bred in England and Ireland for hunting and jumping over hurdles (steeplechase racing). The name “hunter” is applied to horses of pure saddle horse breed and crossbreeds of pure saddle horse stallions with coach horses or large saddle horses. Hunters are strong and capable of great endurance, with free, spacious movements. a powerful spring, and sufficient speed to pursue an animal in the hunt. The height at the withers is 155–175 cm. Hunters vary in color, and they are even-tempered. In England a pedigree book is kept in which are entered the stallions and mares used to produce hunters.


Rukovodstvo po razvedeniiu zhivotnykh, vol. 3, book 1. Moscow. 1965. (Translated from German.)




a river in southeastern Australia. The Hunter rises in the Liverpool Range and flows into the Tasman Sea of the Pacific Ocean. It measures 465 km in length and drains an area of 20,500 sq km. The mean flow rate is 52 cu m per sec. High water occurs between June and August. The river is subject to frequent destructive freshets and floods. Dams and reservoirs have been built to control the river’s flow and provide water for irrigation The city of Newcastle is situated at the river’s mouth. The Hunter is navigable as far as the city of Morpeth.

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