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city (1990 pop. 33,574), Tarrant co., N Tex., a suburb of Fort Worth; inc. 1952. Helicopters, aviation parts, draperies, and bedspreads are manufactured. The city has benefited from the growth of high-technology and defense-related industries in the Dallas–Ft. Worth metropolitan area.
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They have four sons: Jon Hurst of Lake Elsinore; Dennis Hurst of Palmdale; Mark Hurst of Reno, Nev.
Joe Hurst delivered the welfare checks personally, to reinforce the sense of personal fealty to him.
Homer Moore and his patron, Joe Hurst, did not bank solely on the electorate's courtesy.
If it had not been for persistent and brave lawyers, bosses like Joe Hurst would have continued to get away with stuffing ballot boxes and sending the graveyard in to vote.
FOR HOWARD HURST, FLOWERS have meant more to his family than just business.
Hurst, was one half of the partnership that started Tipton & Hurst, the Arkansas floral company, in 1886.
Hurst himself is the current president of Tipton & Hurst, which is tied with 12 other companies for No.
This year, Tipton & Hurst is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and as Hurst, who has been president for the past 25 years, made clear, the company has come a long way in that time.
While the berry busi ness is good, we want to ensure that we stay on the correct path for years to come, and having Doug on board will help us do that," says Hurst.
But Mrs Hurst, whose war veteran husband died last month, was threatened with being thrown out of her home after 36 years as a model tenant.
We explained the pensioner's plight and Mrs Todhunter relented and said Mrs Hurst could stay put.
Tending the front and back garden, covered in flower beds, cropped grass and shrubs, was a labour of love for Mr and Mrs Hurst in their spare time.