hybrid laptop

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hybrid laptop

A Windows tablet that is also a laptop computer. The tablet is attached to a keyboard that can be easily removed. Also called a "detachable" and sometimes a "2-in-1."

Hybrid Vs. Convertible
The hybrid's screen detaches to become a tablet, whereas the convertible's screen remains on the unit. However, the terms "hybrid" and "convertible" are used synonymously for both kinds of these double-duty machines. See convertible laptop and Surface tablet.

One of the First Windows Hybrids
In 2012, this 10" Acer Iconia was one of the first Windows 8 hybrids. (Image courtesy of Acer Inc., www.acer.com)

A Unique Hybrid that Never Was
In 2010, the Lenovo U1 was a Windows 7 PC that turned into an Android tablet when the screen was removed. A clever idea that never made it to market.
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Rumor has it that Acer is readying a new hybrid tablet device that will be slotted a notch below its Acer Aspire Switch 10 device, reports (http://liliputing.
Release date- 22102012 - London - Expanded line-up of touch-screen devices with Windows 8, including innovative all-in-one PC ESPRIMO X913-T, convertible notebook LIFEBOOK T902, STYLISTIC Q572 tablet PC and STYLISTIC Q702 hybrid tablet PC
Fujitsu offers a broad range of tablets for business, including a hybrid tablet (debuted July 9).
In 2012 we predict the tablet market will begin to shift more towards the new generation of hybrid tablet PCs, which can dock into a keyboard.
The 3E hybrid tablet also comes with a host of educational apps like Kno, which Panasonic had acquired in November 2013.
The Panasonic E3 hybrid tablet is a convertible design which has an abundance of educational features, like a magnifying lens with which the tablet becomes a microscope.
For instance, Surface Pro hybrid tablet of Microsoft shipped with an amazing 64GB, but after Windows and other installed softwares, it is left with about 36 per cent of the installed storage for the user.
However, by looking at the big picture, many believe that future computing will be driven by tablets and smartphone as seen at the recently concluded International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas where many top PC makers such as Lenovo, Asus and others showcased hybrid tablet PCs with detachable keyboards.
With the introduction of mobile working in BPA under this tender hybrid Tablets are to be procured.
Cieslak: I like hybrid tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
So-called 'phablets', devices that are mid-way between phones and tablets, are also attracting attention, and hybrid tablets or 'smart PCs' combining touch screens and keyboards were already the buzz of last year.
Firstly, we engage all retailers regardless of size from a product point of view offering them a variety of solutions from desktops, notebooks, Ultrabooks, touch products and hybrid tablets.