Hydraulic Fluid

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hydraulic fluid

[hī′drȯ·lik ′flü·əd]
A low-viscosity fluid used in operating a hydraulic mechanism.

Hydraulic Fluid


a fluid used in machines and mechanisms to transmit forces. Hydraulic fluids should have a high resistance to oxidation, low frothing, inertness with respect to materials in the components of hydraulic systems, a flat viscosity curve, a low freezing point, and a high flash point. The petrochemical industry produces over 20 kinds of oils that are used in hydraulic systems (see Table 1).

Certain industrial and motor oils are utilized in a number of cases as hydraulic fluids. The majority of hydraulic fluids contain antioxidants, antifoamants, and other additives.


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This condition, if not detected and corrected, combined with an inoperative fuel tank inerting system, could lead to an uncontrolled overheat of the hydraulic fluid, possibly resulting in ignition of the fuel-air mixture.
Fluid to be an extra high performance engineered to meet or exceed hydraulic fluid requirements.
The company pointed out that effective hydraulic fluid performance and filtration can significantly improve the performance, longevity and efficient operation of hydraulic systems.
This gives them much higher stiffness, so they are not deflected by hydraulic or other loads as they move in and out of the hydraulic fluid at speed.
When added to the reservoirs of hydraulic machinery, FluidSafe aids in the detection and surgical removal of hydraulic fluid in the event of an accidental fluid injection that penetrates the skin.
Standard precautions when using any hydraulic fluid should include wearing overalls, blogs, safety glasses or facemasks and good personal hygiene.
develops and manufactures high performance and SAFE metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids and waste treatment products, while also producing high performance lubricants and fuel conditioners.
has been ordered to pay $15,000 and publish an apology in a local newspaper after the city pleaded guilty to charges it illegally discharged hydraulic fluid out of a pumping station.
During the 10 years since the first edition was published, no other book has appeared that treats hydraulic fluids as a component of a hydraulic system, and addresses all the major aspects of hydraulic fluid technology.
Tested first in the lab and then in the field, UltraMax Hydraulic Fluid is said to meet or outperform competitive fluids.
The nearly clear hydraulic fluid sold by marine stores is correct for your system.
Just as I unscrewed the last thread of the plug, hydraulic fluid and nitrogen shot out, soaking the right sleeve of my coveralls, my T-shirt, and my face.

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