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The present study was planned to evaluate the effects of dietary ochratoxin A (OTA) in the presence and absence of a toxin deactivator on the organ weights, humoral immune response of broiler birds vaccinated against Newcastle disease (ND), hydropericardium syndrome (HPS) and infectious bursal disease (IBD).
Angara Disease also called hydropericardium syndrome (HPS) is an important disease of broilers (36 weeks old) and breeders (620 weeks old) which causes high mortality resulting in heavy economic losses.
The prevalence of Newcastle disease, Gumboro and Hydropericardium syndrome inbroiler flocks was 10.
In Pakistan, poultry industry is facing various diseases such as Newcastle disease, Infectious bronchitis, Infectious bursal disease, Egg drop syndrome, Hydropericardium syndrome and Avian influenza (Numan et al.
They concluded that against hydropericardium syndrome virus and Newcastle disease, salinomycin had beneficial effects on the cell mediated immune responses of broiler chicks.
Chicks were vaccinated twice (days 7 and 28) for Newcastle disease, and once each for Infectious bursal disease and for hydropericardium syndrome on 14th and 18th day of their age, respectively.
The virus was isolated from an outbreak of inclusion body hepatitis hydropericardium syndrome which was confirmed through PCR and nucleotide sequence and submitted to GenBank with Accession No.
Infectious diseases such as Newcastle disease (ND), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Infectious Bursal disease (IBD), Egg Drop Syndrome, Hydropericardium Syndrome (HPS) and Avian Influenza (AI) are few of the major constraints hindering its further progress.
Among these manifestations, the egg drop syndrome in layers and Inclusion body hepatitis along with hydropericardium syndrome (IBH-HPS) in broilers (Grgic et al.
Protective parameters of embryonated egg adapted, Montanide-adjuvanted, inclusion body hepatitis- hydropericardium syndrome (IBH-HPS), formalin inactivated, and commercial oil-based vaccines, were recorded and analyzed in the present study.
Comparative pathogenicity of liver homogenate and cell culture propagated hydropericardium syndrome virus in broiler birds.