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small, high-powered racing boat designed to skim along the surface of the water. Its hull is so shaped that at high speeds the bow is tilted up out of the water, reducing the effect of frictional drag. Hydroplanes are commonly powered by outboard motors.



a light, high-speed vessel. Because of the special shape of its bottom, during mption the hydroplane gains hydrodynamic thrust, which lifts the nose part and causes a significant general up-floating of the vessel. (It appears to slip or glide along the surface of the water.) As a result, the area of contact between the bottom and the water is reduced, resistance to movement decreases, and the traveling speed increases. Light internal combustion engines and gas turbines are mounted on hydroplanes. Propellers (less often, airscrews) and water jets serve as propelling devices. Hydroplanes are used to carry passengers, for guard duty, in sport races, and for pleasure.


(naval architecture)
A boat which when operated at high speed planes on the surface of the water; the bottom of such a craft is normally a prismatic surface. Also known as planing boat.


1. a motorboat equipped with hydrofoils or with a shaped bottom that raises its hull out of the water at high speeds
2. an attachment to an aircraft to enable it to glide along the surface of water
3. another name (esp US) for a seaplane
4. a horizontal vane on the hull of a submarine for controlling its vertical motion
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The most successful hydroplane racer in history, Villwock has amassed 65 wins since 1992 and won three races last year -- in Detroit Tri-Cities and San Diego -- on his way to a first National High Points' title in four years.
By hydraulically adjusting the angle of the hydroplane, lift and drag cause the arm to move up and down.
the August 6 Rainier Cup unlimited hydroplane races at the Seafair festival exceeded projections for attendance, revenue and crowd cooperation, the brewer reported.
Legendary Hydroplane Driver Chip Hanauer Reports Boat Performance Exceeded Expectations
Hydroplane drivers taking part in the Oryx Cup escaped with serious injury when two of the powerful boats collided during the heats on Doha Bay yesterday.
After a successful first run in his turbo-jet hydroplane Bluebird, he made his second run too quickly without refuelling and crashed, somersaulting at high speed.
The Ferrari number two driver added of the new tarmac surface at Monza: ``There is a big difference in terms of visibility, grip and hydroplane.
Following an exhaustive and futile protest put before their sanctioning organization, the American Boat Racing Association, hydroplane owners Billy and Jane Schumacher announced they are committed to the sport, alongside U-37 sponsor Beacon Plumbing, and will continue racing.
Without good tread, a layer of water comes between the tire and the road, creating the condition in which vehicles hydroplane.
Tang added that with cars able to hydroplane at 50 mph, ``we really shouldn't see anybody driving the freeways at 60 miles per hour.
Wearing crash helmets and life jackets, a group of hydroplane pilots brought their sport to Birmingham on Saturday for the first time since 1924.
Of the over 400 live and silent auction items, some of the more popular items of the evening included a batting clinic with former Seattle Mariner heavy-hitter Edgar Martinez, a hydroplane ride with Northwest hydro pilot legend Chip Hanauer, a week's stay at a private villa in Tuscany, a one-carat diamond, and personalized bats autographed by Edgar Martinez.