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the watery part of the earth's surface, including oceans, lakes, water vapour in the atmosphere, etc.



the interrupted water covering of the earth, which is distributed between the atmosphere and the solid crust of the earth (lithosphere) and makes up the totality of oceans, seas, and surface waters of the land masses. In a broader sense the hydrosphere also includes subterranean waters and the ice and snow of the arctic and antarctic regions, as well as atmospheric water and water contained in living organisms. The principal mass of water of the hydrosphere is concentrated in the seas and oceans. The second largest mass of water by volume is taken up by subterranean waters, and the third largest mass is the ice and snow of the arctic and antarctic regions. Surface waters of dry land and atmospheric and biologically bound waters make up a fraction of a percent of the general volume of water of the hydrosphere. The chemical composition of the hydrosphere is similar to the average composition of seawater.

Surface waters, which occupy a relatively small fraction of the general mass of the hydrosphere, nevertheless play an extremely important role in the life of our planet, since they are the basic source of water supply and irrigation. The waters of the hydrosphere constantly interact with the atmosphere, the earth’s crust, and the biosphere. The interaction of these waters and the mutual transformations from one type of water to another constitute the complex water cycle on the planet. The hydrosphere was the first part of earth to sustain life. Only at the beginning of the Paleozoic era did plant and animal organisms begin to move gradually to dry land.



The water portion of the earth as distinguished from the solid part (lithosphere) and from the gaseous outer envelope (atmosphere).
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A soil is a natural body, representing a section of the uppermost earth crust, in which lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere interact.
Hydrosphere is well positioned and excited to introduce the Ozonix technology to Canada, and provide a solution to one of the biggest needs within the hydraulic fracturing industry.
They wrote: "Our findings lend credence to the hypothesis that an ocean formed on early Mars as part of a global and active hydrosphere.
Its strong moisturizing power is especially designed to educate the skin to recreate the epidermis hydrosphere using its own natural process.
Rocks are a repository of information on the processes responsible for changes in the biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and solid Earth.
15) The carbon cycle refers to the continuous exchange of carbon between the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere.
The environment is also the system and from the general view we can say that the environmental system is understood as biosphere elements which include the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the ecosphere, the set of interactions among these elements that are caused by links and flows among elements (Raven & Berg & Johnson, 1998).
Participants in the program developed a rationale and approach for the creation of integrated science curricula with the Earth System (the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere) as their focus.
The book begins with a framework for looking at interactions of water in the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and anthrosphere (the part of the environment constructed and operated by humans).
While the protection of the oikos (ecosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, troposphere and sociosphere) from irreversible deterioration should be the overriding mission of the planet's inhabitants, the natural world is "externalized" in economic accounting, and the political willpower to act with one heart and mind to ensure the Earth Community's very survival continues to elude the nations of the world.
They wrote:"Our findings lend credence to the hypothesis that an ocean formed on early Mars as part of a global and active hydrosphere.