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Hot spring fluids are typically laden with dissolved mineral ions that, when they precipitate out and create the hydrothermal deposit, enhance fossilization of all types of biosignatures," said Sherry.
1978, Isotopic criteria of the exogenous origin of carbonates and sulphides at the Okrouhla Radoun hydrothermal deposit, Vest.
Neither are much help in defining an ore reserve on a small hydrothermal deposit and perhaps it is foolish to try.
Numerous studies of Au-PGM deposits and laboratory research on the thermochemistry of PGM solubility, transport, and deposition since that time have shown that Au-PGM occur in a variety of hydrothermal deposit classes, including porphyry coppers, fracture-shear zone hosted, and sediment hosted.
Later in the year, another CORK will be placed in a hole that is to be drilled in the large TAG hydrothermal deposit.
Of the hydrothermal deposit types in which platinum has been reported, the two that appear to offer the most economic potential based primarily on platinum content is the U-Au-Pd-Pt type, for which Coronation Hill (Australia) and Nicholson Bay are taken to be examples"
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft has been circling the red planet since March 2006, and it found large hydrothermal deposits in the Eridania basin - a region in southern Mars that was once filled by a sea with about 50,000 cubic miles of water and now has some of the oldest exposed rocks on the planet's surface.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The discovery of evidence for ancient sea-floor hydrothermal deposits on Mars identifies an area on the planet that may offer clues about the origin of life on Earth.
Currently, South Korea has obtained exploration rights for all three main seabed mines that also comprises of manganese nodules and seafloor hydrothermal deposits.
This mineralisation is consistent with known manganese producing mineralisation models such as Consolidated Minerals' Woodie Woodie style hydrothermal deposits and Hancock Prospecting's Boogina Hill manganiferous shale deposits.
A very large flux of gold capable of forming the largest known hydrothermal deposits was measured in the fluids of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand (Simmons & Brown 2007).