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(hīpûr`bəlē), a figure of speech in which exceptional exaggeration is deliberately used for emphasis rather than deception. Andrew Marvell employed hyperbole throughout "To His Coy Mistress":
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast;
But thirty thousand to the rest …



a stylistic figure or artistic device based on exaggeration. In hyperbole a phenomenon is endowed with a particular attribute to a degree that it does not really possess (for example, N. V. Gogol’s “trousers as wide as the Black Sea”). Thus, hyperbole is an artistic convention and is employed with expressive intentions. It is characteristic of the poetics of epic folklore, romantic poetry, and satirical works (Gogol and V. V. Mayakovsky). The opposite stylistic figure is litotes.

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The additional energy input into the material by means of the conically and hyperbolically shaped nozzles leads to an elevated injection pressure as well as a temperature rise within the PNC.
The fits of epiphanic amnesia also ensure "necessarily unimportant" (48) plots that fixate on "the trivia of existence" (56), and, again typically though more hyperbolically, a "democratization of politics and society" (56), which has long been one of the theory's paradoxes, given that it tends to be paraded by the intelligentsia as a sophisticated process of unknowing, just as it is here, along with a bucolic aura of leveling, of transparency, while excluding any form of collective or indeed coherent memory.
The particular class appears to be a hybrid mode, composed of a static longitudinal near field in the z-direction, while it has a pair of hyperbolically varying components in both spatial and temporal dimensions, resembling a "leakage" field which could be akin to plasma discharge and lightning phenomena.
The attack was hyperbolically compared to a nuclear bomb going off by the company helping defend against the attack.
Their preface defines the subject: "A discrete-time stationary stochastic process is said to have long memory if its autocovariances tend to zero hyperbolically slowly as the lag tends to infinity, but their sum diverges.
They are coming to negotiations, speaking hyperbolically, trying to talk about their right to uranium enrichment .
Therefore, against its own ostensible structure, Henry's project does speak, however hyperbolically, to our moment.
The parameter A corresponds to the maximum possible biosensor signal change in case time t [right arrow] [infinity] (normalized signal change or the signal decrease percentage from its maximum to the steady-state value) and is a complex parameter depending hyperbolically on substrate concentration:
And in "May Day Sermon" Dickey takes up the prevailing hostility he faces by ridiculing not only confessional and Beat poetics, but the hyperbolically masculine persona his critics attribute to him.
The implication is that the medium, as McLuhan hyperbolically puts
My references to a 'war on Murdoch' were making the point, no doubt rather hyperbolically, that I had no intention of being intimidated.
Now, of all the things in the "future" that people hyperbolically discount, retirement is (with, perhaps, the exception of death) the most "in the future.