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Mood, cognitive, and behavioral changes during Intense creative episodes (in %) enthusiasm 79 energy 67 assertiveness 64 fluency of thoughts 62 ability to concentrate 57 sense of well-being 55 hyperesthesia 52 impulsivity 20 irritability 18 sexuality 15 drinking 14 talkativeness 12 fantasy-proneness 9 money-spending 8 anxiety 5 Note: Table made from bar graph.
As such, the following signs and symptoms were clinically and qualitatively assessed: loss of sensitivity (evaluated with an esthesiometer), lymphadenopathy, arthralgia, nerve pain, edema, weight loss, neural thickening, fever, malaise, myalgia, orchitis, paresthesia, hyperesthesia, and nasal and visual complaints.
While Poe's work follows the conventions of dark romanticism/gothic literature (fascination with melancholia, insanity, the grotesque, the irrational), some modern interpretations use mental health conditions to demystify the story, such as hyperesthesia (sensitivity to stimuli) and hypochondria.
The patient also had hyperesthesia to light touch in this region and scratch abrasions.
New insights into restless genital syndrome: static mechanical hyperesthesia and neuropathy of the nervus dorsalis clitoridis.
Myoclonus, tremors, paresis, torticollis, nystagmus, meningeal signs of hyperesthesia and cervical rigidity or optic nerve signs may also be seen (Mc Grath,1960; Innes and Saunders ,1962).
Due to the aftereffects of a spinal cord injury people lose the capacity to execute activities of daily living and they face an increase in the predisposition to have complications, such as pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections, spasticity, hyperesthesia, psychological stress and chronic pain.
The dog had been imported with an unhealed fracture of the left forelimb, and 4 days after arrival at a foster home in Virginia, developed hypersalivation, paralysis, and hyperesthesia.
These 17 test items, which share a common underlying dimension, span seven domains: Hyperesthesia, (fleeting) Hypomanic or Manic Experience, Fantasy-Proneness, Absorption, Positive (and perhaps obsessional) Attitude Towards Dream Interpretation, Mystical Experience and Magical Thinking.
Sensation--the patient displays hyperesthesia with high intensity irritability and irascibility.