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Shovelers breed in the uplands and marshes within the GSL ecosystem but occur in greater numbers during winter in pelagic, hypersaline areas of the GSL.
1999, 2001) suggested that crustal-scale hypersaline brines from the Windsor Group moved along faults and were intruded into the overlying Sydney Mines Formation coal seam successions of the Cumberland Group in the Sydney Coalfield.
Effect of hypo--and hypersaline conditions on osmolality and Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase activity in juvenile shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) fed low--and high-HUFA diets.
This would allow for a much higher diversity and abundance of species, as well as faster recovery after hypersaline events, due to greater stability in salinity.
Though gene exchange across species boundaries is considered infrequent, the researchers observed that haloarchaea living in the Lake's hypersaline environment practice it comparatively often, like neighbors "chewing the fat" in a small-town coffee klatch.
MS-SID first went to work on a 2011 cruise to investigate hypersaline basins at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
This regulation of the water level results in hypersaline, brackish and freshwater habitat of varying depths, providing an ideal site for many wetland dependent species within a hyper-arid biogeographic region.
The river then flows intermittently southwestward, passing through the ranches Los Estribos, Los Corralitos, and San Sabas, before disappearing in a wide sandy plain about 20 km northeast of the large hypersaline coastal lagoon of San Ignacio (Ruiz-Campos et al.
The lack of strong relationship between Sr and Na, together with the absence of significant positive correlation between Na/Ca versus Mg/Ca or Sr/Ca (Figure 11), also precludes the consideration of an evaporitic hypersaline (Sass and Katz, 1982) conditions as existing during developments of the protoliths of the metacarbonate.
The Integrated Water and Power Plant (IWPP) using MSFD methods discharges thermal hypersaline effluent, or brine, back into the sea causing further harm to the Marine ecology.