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Hypothermia, routine hyperventilation and steroids offer no benefit.
2] monitoring could not benefit from hyperventilation because brain oxygenation values were not monitored and cerebral ischemia would be less detectable.
Hyperventilation under propofol anesthesia should be cautiously performed in neurosurgery to maintain an improved balance between the cerebral oxygen supply and demand.
A favorable surgical environment can be achieved by Capnography aided controlled hyperventilation and deliberate hypocapnia, (2) resulting in brain relaxation conducive of safe surgery.
These include hyperventilation, exercise, a competitive personality, a focused mind-set, and youth.
Hyperventilation or breath-holding before diving or swimming decreases the body's stores of C[O.
Diagnostic and screening tools for HVS include the hyperventilation provocation test (HVPT) and formulated questionnaires (Vansteenkiste et al 1991).
The aim of this study was to compare the standing balance of athletes and non-athletes during maximal inspiratory breath-holding and maximal voluntary hyperventilation.
The Nijmegen Questionnaire has been validated for use in evaluating hyperventilation syndrome.
Any minor bump and my heart rate goes through the roof, and I verge on hyperventilation.
The exercises are presented in a 28-day program and focus on calming breathing, awareness, nose-breathing, controlling coughing, and stretching to reduce hyperventilation, limit hyperinflation, and increase fitness.
20] demonstrated that hyperventilation is a common phenomenon following prehospital RSI.