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Colin, my drinking companion, suffers from hypochondria and kleptomania.
Concluding the work is a song composed and performed by Patane and musician Andrew Moss, with lyrics that allude to Patane's experiences with hypochondria, some borrowed from the correspondence between the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his teacher Ford Madox Brown.
According to study author Prof Peter Tyrer, head of the Centre for Mental Health at Imperial College London, the research showed that hypochondria could be successfully treated, in a "relatively cheap" way, by general nurses with minimal training in a hospital setting.
Bird compares depictions of slavery with a case of an extreme form of hypochondria in which the sufferer believes his body is literally becoming the objects around him, in this case a teapot.
Welcome to the wonderful world of hypochondria, those imaginary diseases that make you run off to the doctor thinking you are about to kick the bucket.
Hypochondria is a staple of Jewish humor, but the neurotic disorder is by no means the exclusive domain of Jews, nor is it necessarily funny.
That is certainly the case with this production of Moliere's final play, The Hypochondriak, a thoroughly enjoyable and sometimes scathingly funny lampoon of hypochondria and the quack medical profession.
Every fifth Bulgarian has had a psychiatric disorder at least once in their live a the most common are phobias, panic attacks, hypochondria, addictions and food disorders.
Skinner, the kid is cartoonishly stricken with neuroses, hypochondria and age-inappropriate cynicism, despite never having met the father from whom he derives these traits.
Then they survey styles of personality, describing in turn those that are prone to eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive behavior, hypochondria and hysteria, phobia, and depression.
Perhaps I should simply sell the car and buy a bike instead But rather than air conditioning bugs, I would get cold from toes to head My calf muscles would begin to hurt, I would be in endless symptom city Hypochondria and air conditioning don't mix well and I think that that's a pity
I've often thought this national hypochondria is caused by a lack of control, both collectively due to centuries of foreign rule, and individually as people are swept along by remorseless change in every aspect of life.