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Condition caused by insufficient functioning of the parathyroid gland.



a condition caused by insufficient secretory activity of the parathyroid glands.

Hypoparathyroidism may arise after the removal of the parathyroid glands or after their injury during thyroid surgery. Hypoparathyroidism is accompanied by disorders in calcium metabolism, a disturbance in the assimilability of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract, lowered calcium content in the blood, and deformation of the teeth. The disturbance in calcium metabolism increases the excitability of the nervous system, and an inclination to spasms (tetany) appears. Spasms arise spontaneously or under the influence of provocative factors (for example, muscle strain, overheating, and contusions) in symmetrical groups of muscles (most often of the upper extremities, more rarely of the lower extremities, and even more rarely in the facial and other muscles). Hypoparathyroidism occurs in both latent and manifest forms. The latent form may not be outwardly evident and is manifested only in a fall in temperature of the extremities, paresthesia throughout the body, and spasms. Pregnancy, menstruation, mechanical and thermal irritation, poisoning, and infections can stimulate the transition from latent to manifest hypoparathyroidism. Treatment involves hormonal and vitamin therapy.


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Natpara received orphan drug status for the treatment of hypoparathyroidism from the FDA in 2007 and the EMA in 2013.
Hypoparathyroidism is also associated with long-term complications such as kidney damage, kidney stones, development of cataracts and calcification of soft tissues.
It would be prudent to avoid PPIs in patients with a history of hypoparathyroidism or, at the very minimum, to use them with caution.
In contrast, serum Bio-PTH concentrations in 75% of the patients with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism were more than 2 SD below the mean for the healthy controls.
Serum [beta]-CTx was high in the patients with CRF on HD, malignancy, and hyperparathyroidism, whereas it was within the reference interval in those with hypoparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism (Fig.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Hypoparathyroidism.
According to NPS, investigators also reported findings from the PARADOX burden of illness survey suggesting that patients with hypoparathyroidism have a substantial burden of illness in the skeleton and joints and experience bone-related symptoms and comorbidities despite receiving standard care, such as calcium and active vitamin D.
The Key findings from this analysis of PARADOX suggest that patients with hypoparathyroidism have a high burden of illness, as 99% continue to experience multiple symptoms despite the use of calcium and vitamin D supplements and other medications.
A New Drug Application is undergoing FDA review for Gattex[R] (teduglutide) as a treatment for adults with short bowel syndrome (SBS) and a Biologic License Application is being prepared for Natpara[R] (rhPTH[1-84]) in adult hypoparathyroidism.
Group Educates Americans About Hypoparathyroidism and Supports Patients with Rare and Complex Endocrine Disorder
Nader added: "We also continue to make strong progress towards completing our Biologic License Application for Natpara as the first replacement therapy for hypoparathyroidism.