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see pituitary glandpituitary gland,
small oval endocrine gland that lies at the base of the brain. It is sometimes called the master gland of the body because all the other endocrine glands depend on its secretions for stimulation (see endocrine system).
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A small rounded endocrine gland which lies in the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone and is attached to the floor of the third ventricle of the brain in all craniate vertebrates. Also known as pituitary gland.

pituitary gland

, body
the master endocrine gland, attached by a stalk to the base of the brain. Its two lobes (see adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis) secrete hormones affecting skeletal growth, development of the sex glands, and the functioning of the other endocrine glands Also called hypophysis hypophysis cerebri
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4, 5): Left paramere usual phyline shape, with slender, straight hypophysis.
DIAGNOSIS: Distinguished from other known congeners by the comparatively small size, light castaneous general coloration, somewhat obscured spots on the pronotum and clavus, short and not hooked hypophysis of the left paramere, elongated phallotheca, and not much modified sclerotized rings (Figs.
The autopsy found hemorrhages in the lungs but not in the hypophysis or gastrointestinal tract.
We induced ovulation of female South American toads by intraperitoneal injection of homologous hypophysis (Pisano 1956).
Hypothalamus controls a part of sleep, emotions, endocrine glands such as thyroid, hypophysis, pancrease and aderenal glands and starvation.
Rarely, however, it occurs with other adenomatous or nonadenomatous pituitary lesions and an intact hypophysis (3).
Two divers each had three primary tumors: melanoma, gastrointestinal tumors, and benign tumor of the hypophysis.
It seems/sounded testosterone cause GnRH reduction and LH reduction of hypophysis by negative feedback wit direct effect on hypothalamic neurons.
Hypophysis hormones especially prolactin, placental lactogen, adrenal steroids, ovarian steroids are regarded as compounds required for milk production.
To investigate this possibility, in this paper vimentin expression and distribution was characterized in the hypothalamus and hypophysis of adult male Camelus dromedarius as a factor involved in the cell remodeling.