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Failure of a tissue or organ to achieve complete development.



or hypogenesis, underdevelopment of a tissue, organ, part of the body, or entire organism. Just as with aplasia, the basis of hypoplasia is impairment of the interuterine development of the fetus as a result of the effect of radiant energy on the mother’s organism, imbalance in nutrition, and certain infections transmitted from the mother to the fetus, such as German measles, toxoplasmosis, or poliomyelitis.

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Of them, 28(68%) were classified as having partial FTP due to the presence of hypoplastic P1 segment and 10(24%) as full FTP due to absent P1 segment.
Chest roentgenogram revealed absent right clavicle with hypoplastic left clavicle and absent left 12[sup]th rib [Figure 2].
Radiographs of the knee demonstrated the locking plate in place, no osteoarthritis, a narrow femoral intercondylar notch and hypoplastic tibial spines (Fig.
hypoplastic a form disease will be hospital for and we've The hospital means the world to us and we think about our little boy, the staff and our time spent there every single day.
Some specific differences in the implementation of hypoplastic models and the Mohr-Coulomb model are briefly outlined in the appendix.
e) The hepatic veins drain into a hypoplastic hepatic segment (arrow) of the IVC.
Then, the VAH patients were classified as two subgroups: (1) "VAH with atherosclerosis" when VISTA images showed slim lumen with vessel wall thickening in the hypoplastic vertebral artery, but outer vessel diameter ≤50% of dominant vertebral artery.
13) In the present case the patient was diagnosed to be of AI hypoplastic type based on generalized enamel hypoplasia of the permanent teeth with no association of any systemic illness but a positive family history.
Chanel Murrish, now one, was diagnosed with a rare condition - hypoplastic left heart syndrome with intact atrial septum - at her mum Fay's 20-week scan.
Leon was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare condition which affects normal blood flow through the heart.
Evie, four, also of Ingleby Barwick, had a transplant in April last year after being born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a condition where the left side of the heart does not develop properly.