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(1) See also iPod (Apple's music player).

(2) A very popular tablet from Apple, introduced in April 2010. The iPad's iOS operating system and user interface are like the iPod touch and iPhone; however, because of the larger screen, iPads are able to replace a laptop for many purposes. All models come with Wi-Fi, and cellular access is optional. Designed for Web browsing, email, e-book reading and entertainment, flash-based storage is available from 32GB to 1TB, depending on model (see table below).

iPad Pro
The Pro models are the top of the line, which debuted initially as a single 12.9" tablet in 2015. Several smaller screens came out later (see iPad Pro).

iPad Air
The 5th-generation iPad was renamed "iPad Air," to reflect its one-pound weight. No longer available, subsequent iPads also became lightweight (see iPad Air).

Hundreds of Thousands of iPhone Apps
Apps written for the iPad take advantage of the larger screen, but the iPad runs most iPhone apps intact and can display them at twice their original size. See iPad mini, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad with Retina Display, tablet and iPed.

Another Apple Best Seller
Prior to the iPad, tablets had come and gone, but like the iPhone, the iPad "upset the Apple cart" once again. Today, iPads are mainstream, along with Android and Windows tablets. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

CURRENT MODELSWeight  Max.Gen (Year) Resolution (lbs) Storage CPU12.9" iPad Pro
 3  (2018)  2732x2048  1.39   1TB   A12X

 11" iPad Pro
 1  (2018)  2388x1668  1.03   1TB   A12X

 10.5" iPad Pro
 1  (2017)  2224x1668  1.03  512GB  A10X

 9.7" iPad
 5  (2017)  2048x1536  1.03  128GB  A10

 7.9" mini
 4  (2015)  2048x1536   .65  128GB  A8

 2  (2017)  2732x2048  1.49
 1  (2015)  2732x2048  1.57

 9.7" iPad Pro
 1  (2016)  2048x1536   .96

 9.7" iPad
 4  (2012)  2048x1536  1.44
 3  (2012)  2048x1536  1.44 "New iPad"
 2  (2011)  1024x768   1.33
 1  (2010)  1024x768   1.50

 9.7" iPad Air
 2  (2014)  2048x1536   .96
 1  (2013)  2048x1536  1.00

 7.9" mini
 3  (2014)  2048x1536   .73
 2  (2013)  2048x1536   .73
 1  (2012)  1024x768    .69
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The selected bidder shall deliver the I-Pads at various locations of LIC offices across the country (LIC has 8 Zonal Locations and 113 Divisional Office locations) as per the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order.
On the dashboard there's a proliferation of metal air vents set into an etched aluminiumlook surface and a centrallymounted colour display which looks a bit like an i-Pad.
And everyone visiting the threebedroomed Vantage showhome at The Sycamores, in Birtley, near Gateshead, before August 16, can still enter a draw to win an i-pad.
Funny that 1 should be wondering about this question on my sabbatical in Oregon, not managing much beyond myself and my adaptor plug for my i-phone, my i-pad, and my lap-top.
Or I would make the day the leap second falls on an I-pad free day for my kids so that's one extra second they don't get to waste
Included in the haul was an i-Pad which contained photographs of her grandchildren, and a Post Office card which had been used to buy a 50 inch television, a PlayStation 4, and whisky.
Today, even a three-year-old knows how to use an I-pad.
On the dashboard there's a proliferation of metal air vents set into an etched aluminium-look surface and a centrally-mounted colour display which looks a bit like an i-Pad.
Also face painting, balloon modelling, Easter crafts, chicks and bunnies to cuddle and a free prize draw to win an i-pad mini.
Sitting at a wooden table adorned with flower arrangements, a laptop and an i-Pad, Zbib eats a chicken breast, an eerie rictus spread across her face.
The company also recently introduced a tenant focused high tech information system designed to supply all of the company's building superintendents with an I-Pad tablet that gives them daily updates on tenant repair requests.
The Grand Ballroom, along with all meeting rooms, includes the latest high-tech audio visual equipment along with a unique, individualized lighting grid controlled by the latest in i-Pad technology.