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(1) See also iPod (Apple's music player).

(2) A very popular tablet computer from Apple, introduced in April 2010. The iPad interface is similar to the iPod touch and iPhone, but its larger screens enable them to replace a laptop for many purposes. All models come with Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G cellular access is optional. Designed for Web browsing, e-mail, e-book reading and entertainment, flash-based storage holds from 32GB to 256GB of apps and data, depending on model.

iPad Air
The 5th-generation iPad was renamed "iPad Air," to reflect its one-pound weight (see table below). No longer available, subsequent 9.7" iPads also became lightweight (see iPad Air).

iPad Pro
Apple introduced the 12.9" iPad Pro in late 2015 along with an optional keyboard and stylus. The Pro debuted with iOS 9, which supports a split screen for viewing two apps. In March 2016, a 9.7" Pro was added. See iPad Pro.

Hundreds of Thousands of iPhone Apps
Although apps written for the iPad take advantage of the larger screen, the iPad runs most iPhone apps intact and can scale them to twice their original size. See iPad mini, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad with Retina Display, tablet computer and iPed.

Another Apple Best Seller
Prior to the iPad, tablet computers had come and gone, but the iPad upset the "Apple cart" once again just like the iPhone did. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

iBooks on the iBookshelf
Although users read e-books on the iPad, its LCD screen does not have the weeks-long battery life of the Kindle and other dedicated e-book readers (see E Ink). (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

iPad ModelsGen. (Year) Resolution  Pounds12.9" iPad Pro
 1 (2015)    2732x2048    1.57
 2 (2017)    2732x2048    1.49

 10.5" iPad Pro
 1 (2017)    2224x1668    1.03

 9.7" iPad Pro
 1 (2016)    2048x1536     .96

 9.7" iPad
 1 (2010)    1024x768     1.50
 2 (2011)    1024x768     1.33
 3 (2012)    2048x1536    1.44 "New iPad"
 4 (2012)    2048x1536    1.44
 5 (2017)    2048x1536    1.03

 9.7" iPad Air
 1 (2013)    2048x1536    1.00
 2 (2014)    2048x1536     .96

 7.9" mini
 1 (2012)    1024x768      .69
 2 (2013)    2048x1536     .73
 3 (2014)    2048x1536     .73
 4 (2015)    2048x1536     .65
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They woke up to find that an i-Pad, cash and bank cards had been stolen.
Getting the repair request to the super immediately assists us in delivering even better tenant services," added Shamah, who explained that the I-Pads allow the superintendent to get sign offs by the tenant on the tablet.
The Grand Ballroom, along with all meeting rooms, includes the latest high-tech audio visual equipment along with a unique, individualized lighting grid controlled by the latest in i-Pad technology.
MagCast was launched in May 2012 and initially marketed to existing 30DC customers who wanted to market to the growing base of Apple i-Pad users.
8220;We conference directly with the shipyard's naval architects and project managers via Skype and can watch the vessel being built in real-time on an I-Pad.
I shot the video using an i-Pad and edited it as well.
T glo a i Demand was also strong in Europe and the UK with more men buying accessories such as i-Pad cases and briefcases, and sales of new perfume range Brit Rhythm were strong.
This data is then collected and provided on an app, which the candidate can download on an I-pad or from any server," Gaurav Singh, co-founder of political strategy agency Poltubz, says.
If Apple launches a new I-Pad, or a new I-phone, it changes the trend of the technology department straight away.
Under this system, 55000 public sector schools, both for boys and girls, will be transformed into centers of excellence through many innovative means including the provision of computer Tabs of I-Pad size to all the students of 8th to 10th class.
Learn how to use your i-Pad, share apps that work for your child.
They also 'dressed down' for the day and participated in a raf-fle with the chance of winning an i-Pad Mini, a Kindle Fire and PS50 worth of shopping vouchers.