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(1) (Internet CARD) An electronic postcard (e-card) service from Apple that was discontinued in 2008.

(2) (i-card) The term used for an "information card" in the Higgins project. In practice, i-card and information card are used synonymously. See Higgins project and identity metasystem.

(3) A name briefly associated with the vCard when it moved to the IETF, because vCalendar became iCalendar. See vCard and iCalendar.

(4) (ID CARD) A smart card, magnetic stripe card or barcoded card used for identification purposes.

(5) (i-card) A former Web payment service from Cyber Catalyst, Saligramam, Chennai, India. The i-card was a virtual debit card that contained a value that was reduced online when making a purchase at compliant sites. When a transaction was made, a supporting email was sent to the i-card holder.
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The iCard services enable customers to shop online with cashU cards on entertainment, travel, gaming, communication and social-networking websites.
4 La patologia genital y la psiquiatrica tambien prueban la tesis con sus observaciones sobre las degeneraciones (histerismo, epilepsia y corea menstruales) y la psicosis, como lo atestiguan Icard y Renaudin.
SEVERAL previous course winners feature among the 25 entries for the Blue Square Icard Tommy Whittle Chase at Haydock Park on Saturday.
All access is programmed through the HPS University Icard program, just as other card-related readers are programmed.
The order, received through Micro Systemation's US distributor Icard Forensic, is valued at SEK330,000.
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