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Apple's cloud storage service. Introduced in 2011 with 5GB of free storage, iCloud lets users disseminate content to all their devices via their Apple account (Apple ID). iCloud also includes a free email account using @icloud.com or previous @me.com or @mac.com addresses.

Apps, settings, messages, contacts, calendars, iBooks, photos, movies and music can be shared on any Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the user owns (content purchased from Apple does not count in any storage limit). In the event of hardware failure, iCloud can be used to restore content on the new or repaired device.

Find My iPhone; Find My Friends
Find My iPhone helps retrieve a lost device by pinpointing it on a map and sending it a "lost and found" message or locking it remotely. Find My Friends enables users to share their location with other Apple users.

Windows Compatibility
Contacts, calendars and tasks can be synchronized with Outlook on Windows PCs, and Safari bookmarks sync with Safari and Internet Explorer browsers. Photos are stored in a selected folder in the Windows machine.

iWork for iCloud Collaboration
Via a Web interface and the Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers, iCloud enables collaborative editing of Numbers, Pages and Keynote documents between multiple users and Mac and iOS platforms. See iWork.

History: iTools/.Mac/MobileMe-->iCloud
Some iCloud functionality debuted as iTools in 2002. Free to Mac users, it was soon changed to a paid subscription. Later renamed .Mac (dot Mac), the name was changed again in 2008 to MobileMe. In 2011, MobileMe was superseded by iCloud along with iOS 5, a major update to Apple's mobile operating system, and MobileMe was extended to mid-2012 for existing subscribers. MobileMe's website hosting was discontinued in iCloud. See Photo Stream.
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With the relocation, Apple users with iCloud accounts registered in China will now have their data hosted by the GCBD center.
The DOJ said Garofano accessed as many as 250 iCloud accounts, with celebrities and non-famous Connecticut residents both included in that tally.
However, iCloud continues to offer just 5GB free storage, while Google offers 15GB storage as part of their free tier.
According to Ayhan Siriner the General Manager for Yaming, "The 'Internet of Things' and iCloud Smart Street lighting solutions have been designed to address the ongoing need for exceptional, durable lighting on Public Infrastructure.
It should be noted that providing the iCloud pin will not only give access to the stolen MacBook but also to a number of personal data that a hacker can potentially exploit in any number of ways.
AdaptiveMobile encourages any iCloud user who thinks they may have been affected to check their accounts by first logging in and unlinking any unrecognized devices, followed by password change and two-step verification.
Someone has apparently accessed the First Claimant's iCloud account and the material held on it," said Mrs Justice Whipple in a ruling on the case.
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp comes with the ability to extract standalone WhatsApp backups maintained in iCloud Drive.
Step one is to make sure you've got your contacts in iCloud to begin with.
If they want to recover from iTunes or iCloud Backup File, then it can retrieve 12 types of data from your iTunes or iCloud backup, including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, Message Attachments, Call History, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Voice Memos, WhatsApp and Safari Bookmarks.
He later noticed his iCloud account had images of the men holding 100 dollar bills.
Just back up all your contacts, emails, pictures and videos to our iCloud and it will keep them safe and secret for you for ever.