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(1) See also iPod (Apple's music player).

(2) A very popular tablet from Apple, introduced in April 2010. The iPad's iOS operating system and user interface are like the iPod touch and iPhone; however, because of the larger screen, iPads are able to replace a laptop for many purposes. All iPads come with Wi-Fi, and cellular access is optional.

iPad Pro
Pro models are top of the line. Initially available with a 12.9" screen. smaller models came later (see iPad Pro).

iPad Air
In 2013, the iPad Air was named to reflect its light weight, but subsequent non-Air models became just as light. The Air was discontinued until 2019 (see iPad Air).

iPad mini
With a 7.9" screen, mini models are always the smallest in the iPad line (see iPad mini).

Hundreds of Thousands of iPhone Apps
Apps written for the iPad take advantage of the larger screen, but the iPad runs most iPhone apps intact and can display them at twice their original size. See tablet and iPed.

The First iPads
Prior to the iPad, tablets had come and gone, but like the iPhone, the iPad "upset the Apple cart" again. Today, iPads are mainstream, along with Android and Windows tablets. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)

CURRENT MODELSWeight  Max.Gen (Year) Resolution (lbs) Storage CPU12.9" Pro
 3  (2018)  2732x2048  1.39   1TB   A12X

 11" Pro
 1  (2018)  2388x1668  1.03   1TB   A12X

 10.5" Air
 3  (2019)  2224x1668  1.00  256GB  A12

 9.7" iPad
 5  (2017)  2048x1536  1.03  128GB  A10

 7.9" mini
 5  (2019)  2048x1536   .66  256GB  A12

 2  (2017)  2732x2048  1.49
 1  (2015)  2732x2048  1.57

 10.5" Pro
 1  (2017)  2224x1668  1.03

 9.7" Pro
 1  (2016)  2048x1536   .96

 9.7" iPad
 4  (2012)  2048x1536  1.44
 3  (2012)  2048x1536  1.44 See  New iPad.
 2  (2011)  1024x768   1.33 See  iPad 2.
 1  (2010)  1024x768   1.50

 9.7" Air
 2  (2014)  2048x1536   .96
 1  (2013)  2048x1536  1.00

 7.9" mini
 4  (2015)  2048x1536   .65
 3  (2014)  2048x1536   .73
 2  (2013)  2048x1536   .73
 1  (2012)  1024x768    .69
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ELECTRONICS giant Apple has revealed a smaller version of its hit iPad tablet computer which comes with a screen about two-thirds the size of the full model.
Speculation has grown for months that Apple was planning a smaller, cheaper version of its market-leading iPad tablet to directly compete with less expensive devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire.
Sources have been reported to claim the smaller version of Apple's iPad tablet will have a 7.
The iGuy is a stand for an iPad tablet computer designed for use by children and adults with upper extremity disabilities.
The firm said that the mobile point-of-sale system would run via an app on Apple's iPad tablet.
com)-- TopTablePlanner is pleased to be able to announce that the latest version of its highly successful online seating planning tool is now completely compatible with the very latest in the iPad tablet series.
For remote monitoring and diagnosis of warehouse operations, the AccuLazr AL5010 laser bar code scanner now offers access from the iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet.
SMK Electronics subsidiary SMK-Link Electronics Corporation, a manufacturer of OEM remote controls, announced on Wednesday that its PadDock 10v2 iPad Stand and Stereo System, originally developed for the Apple iPad 2, is now cross-compatible with the latest Apple iPad tablet.
Avaya has launched its Avaya Flare Communicator for iPad tablets, the software is designed to broaden the users experience from desktop devices to the iPad tablet and provide mobile workers with secure, next-generation, unified communications and collaboration capabilities over both Wi-fi and 3G networks.
A victory for HTC could have led to a ban on imports of Apple products, including some Mac computers, the iPhone and iPad tablet computer.
Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group, Inc (NYSE: ALK), a US-based holding company that owns airline subsidiaries, has announced the distribution of iPad tablet computers to its pilots.
Nobody has been able to match the iPad tablet computer thus far, but the PlayBook, the first effort from BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion, has emerged as one of the strongest contenders.