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In the Campus Round, team members come together, ideate and put up an executive case summary.
Laura Lee Miller of Vera Wang, Kenneth Noskin of Ideate, Gregg Lukasiewicz of Lukasiewicz Design, Inc.
After an extensive analysis, we determined that Symphony Teleca is the best software development partner based on its global leadership in Android and ability to ideate and execute quickly and inventively.
The differentiator is the large and highly regarded Avendus franchise built over last twenty years, coupled with very high quality of professionals running the NBFC, which helps ideate unique proprietary trades.
With parents taking on the role of teachers and working with children to ideate, explore, observe and conduct experiments on age appropriate topics, this mega event was the outcome of their foray into the realm of Science, these months past.
At Symphony Teleca, we interact with global brands every day helping to ideate and bring to life the products that will carry their business into the future," said Andrew Till, Senior Vice President, Smartphones and Consumer Electronics, Symphony Teleca.
E brings together top talent from campuses across India to ideate and showcase their business acumen on a national stage.
The hub will be a destination for Accenture people and clients to ideate, rapidly prototype and launch transformative ideas that meet the demands of todays fast-changing digital world.
Our dedicated professionals ideate, design, and create iconic content and services that deliver audiences across all platforms.
The exercise was to take stock of the implementation of government programmes and new initiatives as well as to discuss and ideate on ways to improve administrative efficiency.
Brain Box meeting rooms come with bean bags, lounge chairs and cushions, adjustable lights, plexi-glass walls to write on, brain games and charts to help ideate.
Kenneth Noskin of Ideate and Rick Prater of Rick Prater Design, judged the student competition.