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identification friend or foe (IFF)

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A secondary radar to identify whether the aircraft, or any other vehicle being interrogated, is friendly or hostile. The interrogator sends a radio signal on a predetermined frequency, which is received by the aircraft. It replies in code, giving the requisite information. It normally operates in conjunction with the primary radar. An IFF normally has four modes. Mode 1 is used for ground identification; the interrogation consists of a pair of pulses, and the reply is a single pulse. Mode 2 is detailed identification for a specific aircraft; the ground query consists of a pair of pulses, as does the reply. Mode 3 is used to specify the functional class of aircraft and has a direct ATC (air traffic control) function when used in conjunction with the selective identification feature. The pulse pattern is the same as Mode 1, but the interval between the pulse pair is longer. To indicate a distress condition, an emergency mode of interrogation can be used, which replies to any mode of interrogation by a sequence of pulses indicating an emergency to the ground station. Similar to the aeronautical transponder (SSR–secondary surveillance radar) system.
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General Dynamics Mission Systems will supply an updated Air Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF) Mode 4/5 KIV-78 Combined Interrogator/Transponder Applique to the U.
According to Comtech, these amplifiers are key components in a complex Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system used to interrogate aircraft to determine their friend or foe status.
The Medium Extended Air Defense System Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe subsystem has received full certification for operation by the United States Department of Defense International AIMS (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System, Identification Friend or Foe, Mark XII/Mark XIIA, Systems) Program Office.
Release date- 23052013 - BAE Systems' next-generation Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system has passed a key Department of Defense (DoD) certification, making it available to improve navigation and identification capabilities on diverse military platforms.
Release date- 22102102 - ORLANDO/MUNICH/ROME, - The tri-national Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) has successfully completed certification testing for its advanced Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system at Pratica di Mare Air Force Base in Italy.
The TS-4530/UPM radar test set (NSN 6625-01-483-1794, LIN T99847, PN 50-1045-70) for identification friend or foe (IFF) testing will soon require an upgrade for Mode S (Enhanced) and Mode 5 Crypto.
DTRA's 49-day acquisition effort to develop and field the Rapid Identification Friend or Foe (RIFF) Test Kit was a remarkable accomplishment considering that the DTRA program manager had no formal requirements, no budget, no formal program office, and no assigned personnel.
Phil Dawson, head of Successor Identification Friend or Foe (SIFF) programmes at Raytheon, said: "This technology is a vitally important part of the UK's defence policy.
The SIFF system - Successful Identification Friend or Foe - uses sophisticated technology to bounce a signal from a transmitter to a receiver and back.
The Ministry of Defence has since spent pounds 400 million on a new Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system but it has been criticised.
In 1992, our predecessors concluded that the department should redouble its efforts to secure an agreed approach to procuring what was then known as an identification friend or foe system,'' the report said.
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