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(ĭg`lo͞o) [Inuit,=house]. The Eskimos traditionally had three types of houses. A summer house, which was basically a tent, a winter house, which was usually partially dug into the ground and covered with earth; and a snow or ice house. The latter was a dome-shaped dwelling constructed of blocks of snow placed in an ascending spiral with a low tunnel entrance. Although it can provide adequate protection for weeks in severe cold, it was used almost exclusively as a temporary shelter while traveling.


An Inuit house constructed of snow blocks or various other materials such as wood, sod, poles and skins; when of snow, a domed structure is employed.

What does it mean when you dream about an igloo?

Dreaming about an igloo might refer to a home life that one feels is “cold,” or a parent one feels was aloof. Alternatively, an igloo can be shelter against the threatening cold.

igloo, iglu

A hemispherical shell, built by Eskimos of blocks of ice or packed snow as a temporary dwelling for a single family; usually about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m) in diameter at its base, with the floor often partially below the surrounding terrain. Daylight within was provided by one or more blocks of relatively transparent freshwater ice, or by an opening covered with a piece of translucent seal intestine. Entry was usually along a domed passageway.


, iglu
a hollow made by a seal in the snow over its breathing hole in the ice
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The former consists of a spaghetti pot that contains the title, a definition of peaceful social rebellion, written out in neon; the latter is a construction that recalls Eskimo or Native American igloos but which, instead of ice or clay, is made of white fabric bricks, a transformation from the rigid to the soft, from the purely volumetric to the organic.
We had just been reading about how strong and serviceable Eskimo igloos were.
Lot E: Wash underground containers and igloos in those municipalities in the province that have this service and that the date of the contract are Adamuz, Aguilar de la Frontera, Baena, BenamejE[degrees], Bujalance, Cabra, Castro del Rio, Carpio, Encinas Reales, Lucena, Montoro, Palenciana, Pedro Abad, Pozoblanco, Villa del Rio, Villafranca, Villanueva de CErdoba.
Give yours somewhere cosy for a cat nap in one of these cat igloos whatever your budget WE MAY be a nation of dog lovers but we are also crazy about kitties.
The project is linked to explorers like Shackleton who used Kendal Mint Cake on his trips and built igloos.
She added pupils had been excited by the lessons and one boy had even made three igloos of different sizes at home.
Party night who go back down the mountain by cable car at the evening's end, I will be staying on, sleeping in one of the igloos.
At the top there's a hole for ventilation - and this is the key reason why igloos don't melt as hot air and smoke from any fire rises up through it.
Igloos are marvels of engineering--warm, solid structures composed of a cold, soft material.
On Sunday afternoon, a dozen or so volunteers were breaking down igloos filled with years of personal belongings -- a computer, lamps, pictures of heroes like Martin Luther King Jr.
If it's igloos that you're really after, then slope off to website www.
In his igloos, Merz uses clamps to attach industrialsize sheets of glass to the structures' metal frames, juxtaposing the transparent and the opaque, the geometrical and the amorphous, breaking down the isolation of the object and the continuity of line and surface (the cracked shards of glass are fragile and threatening).