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1. any of various measures of quantity, such as a bag containing 1 hundredweight of coal
2. any pouch or sac forming part of the body of an animal, esp the udder of a cow
3. Hunting the quantity of quarry taken in a single hunting trip or by a single hunter

What does it mean when you dream about a bag?

Bags can carry connotations of secrecy, particularly sexual secrets (bags can symbolize wombs). Placing something in a bag or similar receptacle may represent something unpleasant we wish to avoid, so a bag dream could indicate the repression of awareness. Bags can also hold gifts and nourishment (grocery bags), and represent our hopes, wishes and plans. The key to determining which of these meanings apply is the emotional tenor of the dream. (See also Basket, Sack).


A flexible cover used in bag molding.
A container made of paper, plastic, or cloth without rigid walls to transport or store material.

bag, sack

A quantity of portland cement: 94 lb in the United States, 87.5 lb in Canada, 112 lb (50.8 kg) in the United Kingdom, and 50 kg in most countries using the metric system.
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After six days, after I proved I could pee on my own, learned how to empty and change the ileostomy bag, and ingest a small portion of solid food, I was discharged.
March 2008: Family meet with surgeon Mark Mercer Jones to discuss to get the ileostomy bag reversed and repair a hernia.
You have educated many people about what a colostomy or ileostomy bag is.
Following two years of constant treatment and hospitalisation, Chris now lives with an ileostomy bag after an operation which removed metres of his ulcerated and inflamed bowel.
Recording a verdict of misadventure, coroner Terence Carney said Coun Ord died as a result of an unforeseen complication of an elective operation to reverse an ileostomy bag and repair a hernia.
Within a few weeks Kirstie was on the operating table where 95% of her large bowel was removed - a length of between four to five feet - and after further surgery within two days she was fitted with a temporary ileostomy bag to allow her bowel to recover.
Seven months of chemotherapy followed, causing rashes, mouth ulcers, nausea and hair-loss, and he had an ileostomy bag fitted.
My mother, who is in her seventies, had a major operation in February 2003 and was informed that the ileostomy bag that had been fitted would be removed approximately six months later.
The global ostomy drainage bags market segmentation is based on product types (colostomy bags, ileostomy bags, urostomy bags), and its applications (single-use ostomy drainage bags, multi-use drainage bags).