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see bastardbastard,
person born out of wedlock whose legal status is illegitimacy. In civil law countries and in about half the states of the United States, the union of the parents in marriage after birth makes the child legitimate.
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bend sinister
supposed stigma of illegitimate birth. [Heraldry: Misc.]
Clinker, Humphry
servant of Bramble family turns out to be illegitimate son of Mr. Bramble. [Br. Lit.: Humphry Clinker, Payton, 324]
illegitimate son of Earl of Gloucester; conspires against father. [Br. Hist.: King Lear]
Jones, Tom
revealed to be Squire Allworthy’s sister Bridget’s illegitimate son. [Br. Lit.: Fielding Tom Jones]
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Much of the recent concern about the effect of welfare benefits on illegitimacy has been stimulated by the large increase in births to unmarried women since the end of the Second World War.
I believe we should express societal disapproval of illegitimacy, much as we have adopted policies that express disapproval of smoking.
Rising illegitimacy and the collapse of marriage do not receive even passing comment.
Researchers today need to know the social mores of the era they are studying, for even until quite recent times illegitimacy was considered a serious matter and one to be hidden from all but close family.
Nara Milanich, "Historical Perspectives on Illegitimacy and Illegitimates in Latin America" in Minor Omissions: Children in Latin American History and Society edited by Tobias Hecht (Madison, 2002), 72-101
Kuehn begins with a thorough survey of illegitimacy in the ius commune and among jurists, whose rival consilia created a cloud of "indeterminacy" around it (69).
Most typically, social work writers suggested that higher rates of illegitimacy in the African-American community were primarily attributable to cultural conditions.
Moreover, the all-too-familiar view that welfare is the cause of illegitimacy among black women does not stand up.
The shtick he has adopted--and with Landers the decision-making seams invariably show, often intentionally--allows for the illegitimacy of his own situation, both psychological and cultural.
The large font used in the book means that the individual biographies are rather short, which offers the author little space in which to convince readers of any real connection between illegitimacy and achievement.
Ex-Chair of the Central Election Commission Klara Kabilova refused to make a statement concerning illegitimacy of the last parliamentary elections in return for guarantees of personal safety and help with settlement offered by some opposition leaders, reliable sources told AKIpress.
NO matter what your family's social standing in times past, you can be sure of one thing - you will come across illegitimacy in the quest for your roots.