image processing

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image processing

See imaging.

image processing

[′im·ij ‚prä·ses·iŋ]
(computer science)
A technique in which the data from an image are digitized and various mathematical operations are applied to the data, generally with a digital computer, in order to create an enhanced image that is more useful or pleasing to a human observer, or to perform some of the interpretation and recognition tasks usually performed by humans. Also known as picture processing.

image processing

Computer manipulation of images. Some of the many algorithms used in image processing include convolution (on which many others are based), FFT, DCT, thinning (or skeletonisation), edge detection and contrast enhancement. These are usually implemented in software but may also use special purpose hardware for speed.

Image processing contrasts with computer graphics, which is usually more concerned with the generation of artificial images, and visualisation, which attempts to understand (real-world) data by displaying it as an artificial image (e.g. a graph). Image processing is used in image recognition and computer vision.

Silicon Graphics manufacture workstations which are often used for image processing. There are a few programming languages designed for image processing, e.g. CELIP, VPL.

See also Pilot European Image Processing Archive.

Usenet newsgroup: news:sci.image.processing.

image processing

(1) The analysis of a picture using techniques that can identify shades, colors and relationships that cannot be perceived by the human eye. Image processing is used to solve identification problems, such as in forensic medicine or in creating weather maps from satellite pictures. It deals with images in bitmapped graphics format that have been scanned in or captured with digital cameras.

(2) Any image improvement, such as refining a picture in a paint program that has been scanned or entered from a video source.

(3) See imaging.
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300,000 to supply the "Vicom" IP-9000 Image Processing System to the Remote Sensing Center of the Ministry of Water Resources in the People's Republic of China.
With the addition of our IPoIP distributed image processing architecture, Cohu's offering is really a very sophisticated and intelligent edge device providing the enterprise customer with all the benefits of video analytics minus the expense of network infrastructure and field equipment.

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