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Serving in the 1st MI Battalion, he worked as the Assistant Imagery Interpretation NCOIC.
This work will consist of LANDSAT imagery interpretation, linecutting, prospecting, sampling, geological mapping and limited IP surveys.
LAS VEGAS -- United Development International (OTC: UDVE) confirms completed radar imagery interpretation indicates the presence of a palaeo channel extending for approximately 16 kilometers in length with widths that can reach up to 2 kilometers and more importantly has not been mined previously.
The Company's exploration program comprised data reanalysis, satellite imagery interpretation, grid emplacement, geologic mapping, rock chip sampling, and soil sampling programs.
Pattern recognition through a variety of geologic procedures including satellite imagery interpretation, geomorphology or the study of land forms, geologic compilation, structural interpretation and relation to known porphyry systems led Mr.
The exploration plan is first to re-map and check all outcrops in relation to a structural model obtained from air-photo and satellite imagery interpretation.
Targets are selected on the basis of satellite imagery interpretation of geology and structure, with systematic grid soil sampling and follow up RAB drilling.
Exploration carried out under the joint venture has included both satellite and radar imagery interpretation, a 20,000 line kilometer airborne magnetic survey and minor helicopter supported geological reconnaissance.
Brandon has just completed an airborne geophysical survey and landsat imagery interpretation on El Caracol and is expecting the results in the next four to five weeks.
A combination of radar imagery interpretation and low level flying have identified a number of prospective exploration targets for immediate follow-up by preliminary exploration programs to identify early drill targets.
Reconnaissance exploration, including the use of advanced satellite imagery interpretation techniques is underway to evaluate the Company's extensive land position in the Ancash region of Peru.
The Chupaca concession was identified using Queenstake's technically advanced satellite imagery interpretation techniques.

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