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(organic chemistry)
C3H4N2 One of a group of organic heterocyclic compounds containing a five-membered diunsaturated ring with two nonadjacent nitrogen atoms as part of the ring; the particular compound imidazole is a member of the group.



(glyoxaline, 1,3-diazole) a heterocyclic base. Colorless crystals; boiling point, 256°C. Imidazole is readily soluble i n water and alcohol and moderately soluble in ether. It is aromatic, that is, readily undergoes halogenation, nitration, and sulfonation. The hydrogen of the NH group can be replaced by alkyl by the action of, for example, dimethylsulfate. Imidazole is prepared by reacting glyoxalwith ammonia and formaldehyde. Its derivatives (histamin, histidine, carnosine, pilocarpine) are widely distributed in the animal and plant worlds and have important biological significance. [10–416-6 ]

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Thus, our results show that Me6-MP liberated from the nucleoside in erythrocytes during the hydrolysis step undergoes a degradation under acidic conditions, leading to 4-amino-5-(methylthio)carbonyl imidazole.
The interaction of pure Imidazole with mesenchymal stem cell might provide new insights on the toxic potential of Imidazole in creating any stem cell related pathologies.
Making the diagnosis preoperatively by means of radiological and serological methods is important as this allows initiation of preoperative imidazole therapy as well as suggesting the most appropriate form of surgical management.
Following matrix washing, 6xHistidine-tag fusion proteins were eluted by adding free imidazole or EDTA or by reducing the pH.
Compounds with methoxy and hetero furfuryl substituent at the meta position to the phenyl ring at 2nd position and at the 2nd position to the imidazole ring of the compound X2 and Z8 led to considerable increase in the activity.
The elevated anhydride concentration results in the acetylation of not only solvent accessible lysine residues, but some guanidine, imidazole, amide, alcohol, and thiol containing amino acid side chains as well.
The pipettes were rinsed with 2 ml of the imidazole formate (Wako Company, USA) solution (6 mol) followed with 1 ml portion of water.
2] for lung tissues and diaminobenzidine containing 10mM imidazole for the mirror sections.
00 vinyl imidazole copolymer) Gluadin R Benz (Hydrolyzed rice protein) 1.
Also offers a wide range of imidazole accelerators, including 2-methylimida-zole, 2-ethyl-4-methylimidazole, and 2-phenylimidazole, as well as several developmental types.
2 wt% imidazole as the accelerator and stirred homogeneously in an aluminum mold, and then cumulative curing at 135[degrees]C for 14 h, 160, 190, and 220[degrees]C for 2 h in an air-circulating oven, respectively.
clotrimazole Imidazole, formulated as 1% cream, lotion, and topical solution.