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Not only was the senior engineer able to share the technician's POV, he was also able to provide immediate instruction in real-time using an overlaid augmented reality (AR) marker that can be seen on the technicians POV.
The New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of Cahill because he had not disobeyed an immediate instruction to use the safety line.
He said,'I want to make it clear to anyone considering following this example that an immediate instruction would go out to every superintendent to oppose the renewal of any license of anyone flouting the law in this way.
The EPMS shopping Web site features include online review of current and past reports, customized report comparison graphs and summaries, and a special "Training Tips and Performance Enhancers" section that provides immediate instruction to address areas of weakness.
announced today that it has released Classworks State Editions for South Carolina and Alabama correlated to their state learning standards and that includes import utilities designed to offer students immediate instruction based on assessments.
By using Centra's recording capabilities, UL is able to provide immediate instruction in small, manageable chunks for every new hire, rather than waiting for a critical mass of new service reps to accumulate before delivering in-person training.
He said immediate instructions had been passed to departments concerned for sending relief goods.
In view of the inconvenience, we have asked the police to issue immediate instructions to the field staff to remove the extra quantity of concertina wire from all prominent places of the city," he said.
The operations rooms issued immediate instructions to its field patrol teams to take action or passed the information to relevant departments for action.
He passionately listens to their problems and issues immediate instructions to addressing them", he mentioned.
Neoclis Sylikiotis told journalists that as soon as he was informed by the Foreign Ministry that Makhlouf, a cousin of President Bashar Assad, was on the blacklist, he "gave immediate instructions to start proceedings to revoke" his Cypriot nationality.
He said immediate instructions had been give to block access to the number.
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