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What does it mean when you dream about immobility?

A dream that one is immobile can symbolize an inner inflexibility, especially with regard to resolving one’s problems. It can also mean that the dreamer feels trapped. People afflicted with sleep paralysis sometimes dream they are immobile or unable to run, but such dreams do not necessarily have deeper psychological meanings.

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Szczesny was kept busy early in the second half, palming a powerful Immobile drive over the bar.
Insigne was delighted to again play alongside Immobile.
Despite my (JuVe) past, I was welcomed in the Torino camp with a lot of enthusiasm, something I didn't expect would happen," said Immobile.
The researchers selected 20 beetles that stayed immobile longer than most did and 20 beetles that did so only briefly or not at all.
The chapter by Peter Fralick on "Geochemistry of elastic sedimentary rocks: ratio techniques" deals with the tailoring of ratios to prove immobility using immobile elements from minerals that have similar hydrodynamic behavior, the use of spider diagrams with MORB or mantle normalization to deduce provenance and the tectonic control of elemental abundances, and the use of ratios to determine hydraulic sorting relationships in paleoplacer deposits.
The surgeon wondered about the tell-tale skate abrasions on Pat's cast, but Duffy denied that he had been pulling stairs while he was supposed to be totally immobile.
The instrument uses a state-of-the-art highly repeatable detector in a DC operating system with immobile parts, according to the literature.
im] are the mobile and immobile water contents ([m.
However, fear can also make us immobile, confused, and hesitant to our harm and others.
Sometimes, resistance work is contraindicated for an injured limb because the medical staff has decided it would be best to keep it as immobile as possible for healing purposes.
Matriarch-ed by an imperiously immobile 90-year-old grandmother and run ragged by a fitness freak, hoochie-mama mother, Anthony's clan is haunted by the specter of hereditary mental illness, an ugly stick that hovers over all of them, threatening to swat and thereby unravel their fragile worlds at any moment.