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The Japanese word for emoticons (smileys, happy faces, etc.) used in messaging (email, texting, chat, tweets, etc.). Meaning "picture letter" (e + moji) and pronounced "emma-gee" (Japanese) or "e-mo-gee" (English), users can download a huge variety of emoji symbols for mobile and desktop applications. However, emojis have not always rendered the same between platforms (see last example below).

Emoji, Emoticons and Unicode
Emojis started out in Japan while "emoticons" evolved from the "smiley face" text :-) of the 1980s. Both "emoji" and "emoticon" terms are used synonymously, and both use the Unicode character set. See emoticon and Unicode.

Insert an Emoji
Adding an emoji to a text message from Emoji+, LLC's iPhone app is one click away.

An Endless Variety
These icons from www.getemoji.com are a tiny sample of available symbols.

Not Always an Exact Science
Although increasingly compatible, Emoji icons do not always render the same.