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in athletics: see amateuramateur,
in sports, one who engages in athletic competition without material recompense. Upper-class Englishmen in the 19th cent. used the concept to help define their social status, first applying the term to sportsmen who did not need to work with their hands as livelihood,
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Implications for the upward mobility of hearing impaired professionals are also seen in the increasing availability of professional interpreters and the numerous high technology telecommunication devices becoming accessible to hearing impaired professionals and the prospects of more of them in the future.
While public safety is certainly a major concern, there are other issues that need to be considered, including increased litigation, liability risks, and costs resulting from the presence of impaired professionals in the workforce.
Change the name of the program from Impaired Professionals Procedure to "Professional Assistance Program" (PAP).
Other activities include working with legislators on health insurance reform and regulators on changes to the patient compensation fund and impaired professionals program.
Sucher will be responsible for supervising training and consultative support to Hythiam licensees, leading the development and implementation of quality assurance and best practices programs, developing relationships with treatment programs for impaired professionals, supporting the business development team, and participating as a key member of the company's Clinical Advisory Board.
Received report on the progress of the Secretary's Task Force on Impaired Professionals Procedure Program.
Molea later served as Director of the Impaired Professionals Program for HealthCare Connection Inc.
previously served as director of the Impaired Professionals Program for HealthCare Connection Inc.
Secretary Celia Jackson provided information on Governor Jim Doyle's budget proposal, changes within Department of Regulation and Licensing and update on the Task Force on the Impaired Professionals Procedure Program.