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(ĭmpā`shēĕnz'): see jewelweedjewelweed,
common name for the Balsaminaceae, a family of widely distributed annual and perennial herbs. The principal genus is Impatiens, so named because of the sudden bursting of the mature seed capsules when touched.
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a genus of primarily herbaceous plants of the family Balsaminaceae. The stems are succulent and often transparent. The leaves are usually alternate, simple, and exstipulate. The perianth is double, and the calyx has a petal-like spur. The fruit is generally a succulent capsule, which bursts when ripe, even upon the slightest touch or vibration; the valves twist spirally from bottom to top and the seeds are expelled and scattered.

There are approximately 400 species of Impatiens (according to some data, as many as 700), growing primarily in tropical Asia and Africa; a few species are found in Europe and America. There are eight species in the USSR, the most common being touch-me-not (Impatiens noli-tangere). Touch-me-not has large yellow flowers and grows in shady forests, among shrubs, along ravines, near springs, and in orchards. Some species, particularly garden balsam (I. balsamina), are cultivated as ornamentals.

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Three leaflets of roughly similar size were placed on tissues in the center of the tent with the 4 plants spaced toward the corners of the tent, to allow mites to distribute to the living impatiens plants from the bean leaflets.
Impatiens definitely add color to the garden, windowboxes, and urns.
But in the last two years, impatiens downy mildew disease has ravaged flower beds in some of the more humid parts of the country.
Many greenhouse growers now use commercially produced Bombus impatiens, a generalist pollinator native to the Midwest and Eastern United States and Canada.
Is the problem affecting all Impatiens in this country or just those sourced by Cardiff council?
impatiens from rearing facilities in the midwestern United States for use in greenhouses in the western part of the country.
If Los Angeles gardeners tossed in their beds this week worrying about frozen impatiens, they may be in for another restless morning.
Jewelweeds, or Impatiens, are pretty flowers that grow in wet, shady spots all over the Northern Hemisphere.
Today they produce only one bee for distribution in all of North America: Bombus impatiens, an eastern bumblebee whose range extends from Maine to southern Florida.
Having planted 150 impatiens, I have found a place for 12 lettuces, seven runner beans and a few tiny rows of spring onions.
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