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However, in order to overcome these difficulties and to increase the efficiency of these well-known solutions the use of a new technology of Impedance coupling will be also explored.
This is primarily done to prevent low-frequency common impedance coupling (ground loops) and provide increased capacitive decoupling at higher frequencies.
This reduces common impedance coupling and prevents the equipment and subsystem boxes and cable shields from acting like antennas.
For every routed signal, we have to ensure that we have a proper return path that is located where we want it and that we don't obstruct already created paths, because signals sharing a part of the return path have common impedance coupling (energy coupled from one signal to the other).
We need to establish where the path is and that it is not shared for two sensitive signals to avoid common impedance coupling between them.
The LFM solid copper slug has significantly lower ground return inductance that reduces the common impedance coupling within the module.
The resonant frequencies of the resonators are chosen and arranged such that the resonators together operate to provide a low impedance band in the frequency spectrum within which low impedance coupling between the common circuit ground and the ground potential is achieved.
Impedance couplings are an important factor for controlling the systems, but should take into account the losses due to parasitic inductances and capacitances.